Noisy 6 Punk mixes now up

You can find 6 rather fine examples of mixage of a punk persuasion here: http://noise/ I’m one of the Noisy 6 now and I go under the moniker of timbearcub/tbc for those mixes (tonight mathew…) 😀

My mix is called ‘Punk is Playing At My House’ (66 mins, 62Mb) and you can read the tracklist below. It’s mean to flow as a sort of history, going from early punk/garage tunes (Kinks, Kingsmen, Iggy) through media shocks (Bill Grundy, Ramones, Clash), through electronic, reggae and dub bad girls and glam (Joan Jett, Flying Lizards, Big Black), to Anarchy in the UK and Queens (Manolo kabezabolo, Chumbawumba, Ukrainians), to kids tunes and silliness (Vandals, Ramones do Spiderman, Banana Splits, Sabre Dance) and then the sick ending with Joey Ramone, Sound of Music punk style, Wizard of Oz punk and Nada Surf doing Iggy.

It’s a very Radio Clash sort of mix, with a lot of genre fuckage and thematic slumping (it’s like 5 minimixes in one, and it my first long mix). It was all done live with about 5 edits for punk loose ‘feel’.

I mean a mix that includes Ukelele band of Great Britain’s version of ‘Two pints of Lager and A Packet of Crisps Please’ can’t be that bad, can it?


Prehysterix dinosores

Troglodyte intro
DJ Zebra – Really Got Me (Kinks remix)
Soulwax No Fun (Sakt n’ Pepa vs The Stooges)
Iggy Pop – Louie Louie

Steaming Media

Kiss – Do You Remember Rock n’ Roll Radio
Clash – Capital Radio Two
Dead Kennedys – MTV Get off the Air
Richard Hell & The Voidoids – Blank Generation

Fuck the Models & Make them Fly

Flying Lizards – Dizzie Miss Lizzie
Big Black – The Model
The Slits – heard it through the grapevine
dsico – Too Drunk To Fuck (Dead Kennedys)
Henry Rollins – Hating Someone’s Guts Pt. 1 (excerpt)
Joan Jett – Dont Give A Damn About My Bad Reputation
Wayne County & The Electric Chairs – Fuck off
Richard Hell – Love Comes In Spurts

Anarchy Queens

Bill Grundy interview
The Ukrainians – Anarchy in the UK-raine
Manolo kabezabolo – God save the queen
Chumbawumba – God save the Queen
Whoever Men – Punk mash 4
Negativland & Chumbawumba – ABC of Anarchism
The Vandals – Don’t Stop Me Now
Damned – Jet By Jet Girl
Xray-Spex – Identity

The Kids Aren’t Alright

Ukelele Orchestra of Great Britain – 2 Pints of Lager
PookieSnackenburger – Just One Cornetto
Pink Panther ska punk
The Vandals – Dance Of The Sugarplum Fairies (Punk Cover)
Toy Dolls – Sabre dance
Dickies – Banana Splits
Ramones – Spiderman

Sick ending over the Rainbow

Sid_Vicious My Way (bit)
Me First & the Gimme Gimmes – Somewhere over the Rainbow
Joey Ramone – Wonderful World
The Vandals – So long, Farewell
Nada Surf – I’m sick of you


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  2. January 12

    I’m a tool! I didn’t download this mix while it was free and now I can’t get it. Cause I’m a tool! Is there a way I can get a copy from you (assuming Radiozoom doesn’t have a copy archived somewhere)?
    And now I’m signing up for b00mb0x. With that, Op3n and SubSource I will never have a moment without a mix in the background again. I should get an iThingy so I can listen to them.
    “I am your sugar daddy. Now, GIVE ME SOME PANTS!”

  3. January 12

    I can post mine up – can’t post the others…it’s easier to register at b00mb0x but they’ve changed it (it didn’t used to be only a week, it used to be a month, and not charged as far as I remember…)

    Let me know if you still want this.

  4. Tony
    February 2

    I’m really enjoying your broadcasts. IS there any easy way to download some of the archived broadcasts prior to show 42?


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