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July 18 /

When comes to Pachelbel’s Canon in D Minor it’s easier to say which songs WEREN’T influenced by it…Streets of London, Let It Be, Go West, I Should Be So Lucky (which I think rips another classical piece too), Don’t Look…

March 11 /
March 10 /

Wow – amazing version of Say My Name by Ólafur Arnalds, Arnór Dan & Douglas Dare – how did I not hear this before? Heard it via Ólafur’s Late Night Tales, which is well worth checking out.

December 11 /

Via Ian Fondue posting the video of Art vs Science’s fascinating psych/funk version of Enter Sandman by the (below) which mixes vocoder with great psych guitar, I started listening to Triple J’s Like A Version, and found this fascinating trip…