St Anthony

Somehow missed this tribute to Tony Wilson by Mike Garry & Joe Duddell released last month, but Your Silent Face never sounded better…I heard it via the excellent Lloydbrary 72 which you should listen to. In the rain today I felt rather homesick for Manchester…

Echoes of Big Hard Excellent Fish (RIP Josie) although about a different city especially as there is also a Andrew Weatherall mix – he also appears in the video. Which I would own, but shame their download site is terrible (should’ve used Bandcamp) so I have half a Weatherall mix for my money! :-/

Remember kids: build sites that mean you can download unlimited times for a limited time period, or even better just allow them to download as long as they want without limits (as Bandcamp does). Don’t build a site that only allows three downloads – because if it doesn’t work properly with your browser, you use up your ‘credits’ without actually getting a track. *sigh*

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