Fox Base Beta, Or How Richard X Took On St Etienne and Won

Just check out his wonderful mix of ‘Only Love Will Break Your Heart’ – pure spaced out balearic loveliness that gives the original Weatherall mix a run for it’s money (and that’s one of my top remixes of all time). Bit late on this, which is purely me – heard a mix back in September on a website (NME?) and went nuts over it, but then dropped off my radar!

It’s part of a whole album, out now. I am tempted to give myself an early Xmas pressie and buy it – one of the things that disappointed me about the original was the production, it had great ideas but also sounded like it had been shoddily and quickly put together while the band were learning the studio or writing the songs on the fly (I suspect the latter)…the remixes seem to have put the tracks back into the proto-triphop (listen to Alpha, a lot of the tracks are basically triphop) dub and shoegaze realm that St Etienne seem to have been reaching for, but missed. And then decided to go for lush 60’s pop instead…

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