The Long Peace?

Interesting video/infographic detailing how many people died in World War 2 – very important to revisit this from time to time, lest we forget. I think people feel scared of ISIS, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc – but it is comforting to think these are tiny battles compared to what has gone before.

I don’t think we can be complacent though – although this long peace amongst the biggest powers has held, it’s a fragile one – see what’s happening in the Ukraine and the escalation of warmongering and reduction of rights in Russia, or the mess in the Middle East. It seems nowadays countries fighWorld War 2t in wars of proxy, smaller more localised and gureilla battles but not exactly better for those living in the regions.

Civil wars and terrorism gets secret backing and help, regime change gets pushed by world powers (US, Russia, China etc.) or the weapons get sold to the highest bidder (Syria – both sides got their arms from the UK and the West at various times, as did Saddam in Iraq). Smaller countries get pushed around by bigger ones over wider squabbles – that’s why the Crimea pushes the buttons way back to Victorian times, or Greece criticising Germany for not paying for the crimes committed on it’s soil in WW2, or Syria and Afghanistan – all areas of frequent battles going back hundreds of years. So the scores haven’t totally been settled, even if nuclear weapons might have caused a wider stalemate.

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