Daphne and Celeste ARE BACK!

Wow. Whereas other people’s lists of dream reformed bands are Oasis, ABBA, Smiths, Libertines (happened), Radiohead (they’ve not split – Fact Ed. Curses! – me) mine had Daphne and Celeste pretty high up on it. Non-ironically, I always felt that as this Tim Jonze article says they were a) punk as fuck and b) had unfinished business. They were the real Girl Power deal, none of this Spice crap.

Obviously Max Tundra aka Ben Jacobs felt the same way, and has written and produced this catchy yet experimental synth pop number, which does seem like a grown up version of Daphne & Celeste, but still very much them – referencing old tapes, old novels and their history – but still you and me against the world. It’s reminds me of Blood Orange aka Dev Hynes and his work with the former Sugababes – still in control, still sassy but also mature and smart.

If there is any justice, this needs to be #1 this Friday, or whatever day it is now for the chart…BOUGHT! (via many people on my FB timeline!)

Relatio Clash

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