This Is A Trent Reznor Song

This has been doing the rounds but finally got to hear it – very much in the mood for this atm, as I’ve been listening to the remixes of Nine Inch Nail’s Closer, as well as the theme from White Horses (as you do! Angst and summery pop seem to sum up how I’m feeling, since it seems to be sort-of-friend-I-seem-to-not-actually-know clear out time! Happy Unicorn Special Snowflake Fun Time! NIN is a perfect soundtrack for Operation Social Media Retreat anyway…)

If you need to find me, I’ll be in the corner with dyed black hair, black fingernails and a gallon of snakebite anyway…

You could also download the latest Red Hot Chilli Pepper’s single (LOL) which also sounds scarily close too…which is actually by The Peppermen or Jon Daly and friends?. Anyway this was something to with a large bowl this weekend, or something. I’m more bummed about Philip Seymour Hoffman…oh and the weird friends thing. Back to unfollowing! (RHCP via Dangerous Minds)

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