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It’s not often you hear a mashup and go THAT’S A CLASSIC about 30 seconds in, but with Mr Earworm‘s Finest that’s not an unknown reaction, providing my favourite mashup OF ALL TIME with ‘Stairway to Bootleg Heaven’, and his new track follows that illustrious history – a mix of Reckoner by Radiohead and Kanye’s ‘Love Lockdown’, called funnily enough Reckoner Lockdown.

As it’s a mashup it sadly wouldn’t qualify for the remix competition for Reckoner Radiohead are currently holding, providing the ‘stems’ for everyone on iTunes (sadly not for free like Trent Reznor does, but hey it’s a step in the right direction, at least they are not charging for each ‘stem’ – a stem is a part of a mix, drums, guitar, vocals, etc) – interesting who has submitted mixes, Akala, Amplive, Them Jeans, Diplo and James Holden are taking part – but my favourite so far is the remix by team9 – it has the same sort of feel as his remixes of AC/DC, except mellower like an electronic shoegaze or the likes of Supermayer or Simian Mobile Disco at their most laid back (hopefully this will work in my blog too).

Please help one of the scene’s best bootleggers and remixers by voting for it below! Voting ends 23rd of October I think.

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