Skip to my loops – Disclosure & Fred Falk 90’s REWIND

I’ve been forecasting the skippety skippety return of speed garage and 90’s house since 2011, when at Coachella the likes of Joy Orbison were dropping old speed garage tunes as a nod to where dubstep came from, and these 20 year olds who were hardly born then were going nuts for it. Last year the same was repeated in the UK with the DJ dropping ‘Flowers’ and the whole room going crazy for it.

So glad to see the success of Disclosure et al in the UK charts, bringing back the soulful sound of deep bass, pianos, divas and always that swinging/shuffling beat – they call it ‘future garage’ or ‘nu garage’ or even wrongly ‘deep house’ ??? but it’ll always be speed garage to me. I’ve loved speed garage since it was ‘A London Thing’ and of course the original Chicago Garage along with real house music, the original house music from Chicago and around. In fact I’ve just dug out my old comps. Serious Danger? RE-WIND!

Anyway here’s Disclosure’s Radio 1 Essential Mix from a few days ago, really worth listening to, some real gems on here – and many I need to track down now…

Another person playing the 90’s house card is Fred Falke, although I suspect he’s always done that, as the late 90’s were also the rise of filter house, but it don’t mean a thing if it aint got that swing! I missed Pete Heller’s Big Love and there’s a great mix of Daft Punk on there which there needs to be more of, Falke remixing DP.

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