NSA PIXAR ident and other parodies

Love this…I’ve not spoken much about NSA or PRISM partly because I’ve made my position clear in previous posts over the years – and a lot of this was suspected, or rumoured for decades. And also when the legislation and previous acts came to light very few people especially those in the US seemed to care? SOPA/PIPA was the exception, whereas ACTA and others became common worldwide, and WTF with AT&T wiretapping becoming a shrug? It’s like you need kittens being killed before anyone will do anything. ever, or at the minimum US citizens being targetted by technology (drones, wiretaps etc) that have been happily used on those darn forinners for years. As long as the ‘bad guys’ get caught? I have news for you – we are ALL bad guys to them, the governments of both the UK and US have made it clear that everyone is under suspicion now.


Amazing how Apple, Google and Microsoft brazenly try to refuse having any knowledge when their systems have more backdoor holes than swiss cheese. It makes any of the claims promoting ‘secure’ cloud computing, ad campaigns about privacy or even spats over vulnerabilities pointless. When all the hackers need to find is the official ‘holes’ which will never be closed, why bother?

Quite ironic that Microsoft has a go at Google over privacy, given what we now know about them handing the keys to Skype, Windows, Outlook encryption to the government. And don’t think the silence about Apple means it somehow is less guilty, I notice they joined PRISM about the time of the roll-out of Mobile.me, Cloud and Facetime/iChat technologies? I’m sure they’ll be next. Whatever it is, it’s Party At The NSA!

I don’t see how I can trust these companies or their products ever again, their mouths are moving but I can’t hear anything except ‘We Sold Your Privacy Down The Line To Spooks!


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