Accordions, kilts and moustaches

Via a friend posting a Terry Vision video (oh how I love him – even if I don’t actually ever watch the Eurovision Song Contest) I saw the Greek entry* by Koza Mostra & ???????? ????????? called Alcohol Is Free. Moustaches, beards, accordions, kilts and gypsy punk…what’s not to like? Having checked out a fairly bad translation of the lyrics, pretty sure it’s an allegory too for the state of Greece and the world, charge of a boat drunkenly not caring and heading for trouble…

A second place in my heart to Winny Puhh who sadly did not make it to Malmö, which is when I tuned out…not that I really tuned in, Eurovision is one of those things going on in the background, like Z-ListFactor Final, this queer is not down with the ESC, and you know me.

* not a euphemism. Well it could be, if I was left alone with certain band members, ho-ho. That reminds me, saw John Grant last night on tour, his Icelandic bassist was CUTE. JG wasn’t bad either, a cute dancer. And loads of bears there, obv.

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