Ásgeir Trausti

Support acts are always kind of weird – too close to the main act then they’re boring, too different and the audience isn’t in to it. I was pleasantly surprised by Ásgeir Trausti supporting John Grant at the Shepherd’s Bush Empire – starts out the usual singer-songwriter fare, but then goes more 808-State-meets-post-dubstep, a sort of minimal groove and the bass was nice. He’s working with JG writing english lyrics for his new album, and I think from this production this could break out, Jónsi style.

And his synth player was cute too (what IS it with me fancying random bearded band-members, usually with hats and beards?!? Bassists figure prominently. I was there for the music, HONEST!) Certainly seems that Iceland is all kinds of cool at the moment. Well amazingly apart from their Eurovision entry, less of that said the better…:-/

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