Blahme Canada – new BOC album

Maybe it’s seeing Book of Mormon on Friday I’ve now got ‘Blame Canada’ from Southpark in my head but must say Augmented Reality Game blah, number stations blah (sorry kids was messing with those in the early 90’s well before CONET came along and tried to copyright them all – no lie!), mysterious viral campaign blah blah, pre-order blah.

Really I would be actually be really surprised if Boards of Canada turns up on X Factor doing a Britney number, the Hexagon Sun ‘Black Mesa’ cultective thing being a little well, done now.

TL;DR: Board of Canada have been releasing codes on adverts and ultra rare 12″ singles, and the product if you can be bothered to type the super long number is this video trailer for their LP ‘Tomorrow’s Harvest. But here someone has nicely ripped and posted it (if you really want to play with pretend VAX systems the password is 699742628315717228936557813386519225 – and no, copy and paste isn’t possible. Yes I typed it. Yes I was sort of underwhelmed…but hey, that’s what you get with drip-fed viral PR campaigns nowadays…a glitchy CCTV video from the BOCA Pent Lander?

Where’s Blair Witch or the girl from The Ring when you need them? (via Ian Lloyd)

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