Thatcher’s Dead Acid Party

Zombie Maggie

Another few songs if you’re arranging a ‘Tramp The Dirt Down‘ Maggie’s Dead Party – have one on me!

Pete Wylie on the money ‘The Day That Margaret Thatcher Dies’ – getting in early a few years back. Good tune too.

And to those whining that ‘she’s not that bad really’, about her ‘economic miracle‘ for who? *cough* and ‘don’t speak ill of the dead‘ then watch Aztec Camera’s & Mick Jones ‘Good Morning Britain’ and listen closely to the lyrics and watch the background for a useful potted history of her ‘reign’, posted this before but it’s well worthy of a repost. And a friend posted the Kinnock 83 speech about “If Margaret Thatcher wins on Thursday, I warn you not to be ordinary. I warn you not to be young. I warn you not to fall ill. I warn you not to get old.” which is echoed in the ‘Don’t be too black, don’t be too gay’ line.

And don’t forget as well as the Miners and ‘Thatcher Thatcher Milk Snatcher’ she also stomped all over the rave scene with the Criminal Justice Bill, you would have heard this in my ACID120 mix – which I’ve just scheduled in on the currently playing Mix @ 6 from 7pm 😉

And Sinead O’Connor’s song still runs true,
“England’s not the mythical land of Madame George and roses
It’s the home of police who kill black boys on mopeds”

Stand Down Margaret, righteous dub by The Beat…

(some of the videos via Buzzfeed)

Relatio Clash

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