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I’ve been loving the recent New Order posts from Power of Independent Trucking, especially the recent ‘Stash’ live tapes which are mastered to amazing quality and cover a period I know only bits about bar the music and a hilariously strange pre-Technique Smash Hits interview in Ibiza which Kirk owns and I have a copy of somewhere. Strange years post the success of Blue Monday and Low-Life until Technique brought them back to mass attention, with a brief blip around BLT and 1985’s New Order Radio 1 concert which I used to have on tape…sounded like it was recorded very far away…maybe by the Smash Hits journalist they ditched by the road in Ibiza?

I especially love it when Barney is having issues with monitor volume so starts singing ‘Turn the bass sequencer up…’ in the middle of This Time Of Night. Anyway the success of these means a spin-off blog called New Order Archives, which I look forward to hearing more from 😉

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