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Behind the curve on this one. I’ve been hearing Hannah’s name for ages used in the same breath as Anna Meredith who is a composer I love greatly, so mentally noted that I needed to check her out. I wasn’t disappointed, her music-box creations (called Rebox) covering electronic and indie songs are well worth it. Especially love Tainted Love, Blue Monday and Blue Monday covers, and her cover of one of my favourite Wild Beasts songs, Palace which I didn’t think anyone could best.

The reason I was checking her out now is that she has a new album called Mary Casio dropping shortly and I was looking for that, in fact. Turns out it’s not out yet, but this time she’s working with brass bands creating a haunting mix of electronic, brass and voice – kind of like Acid Brass meeting an Ibizan sunrise, it’s like Mogwai with brass instruments. I heard Archid Orange dwarf on Gideon Coe and HAD to find it. Here it is at least on YouTube. Can’t wait for the album…

And I have to say ‘new classical’ or ‘modern classical’, whatever you call it is in rude health, if you move beyond the confines of Classic FM, The Proms etc. Erased Tapes artists including Nils Frahm, Olafur Arnalds, Max Richter, Anna Meredith…all blurring the lines between pop, electronica, performance and genre. It’s almost a movement, if I was trying to be a wanky music journo I’d give it a name, but I’m not. But mark my words, these are the new breed.

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