Womack is Back

Heard this via Cerys On 6’s show from Sunday, they’ve been playing this a lot on BBC 6Music but unusually it’s not an old 2011 release, the album’s not released yet apart from this single. I thought on first listen this was a mashup, it sounds closer to Jamie XX’s post-remix work on Gil Scott-Heron rather than anything that comes out of studios nowadays. Production is by Damon Albarn and Richard Russell, and it goes a little way of reclaiming Damon’s career post that partly laughable heynonnynony of Dr Dee (for the record I don’t hate all the LP, might play some of it on the podcast, but some of it really doesn’t work especially packaged as a solo LP). Anyway the LP also titled ‘Bravest Man In The Universe’ is out early June.

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