RC 230: End of the World

So it’s the end of the world as I know it, and I feel fine. Actually it is the end of the world of decent sub-editing that doesn’t mention the obvious REM reference every 2.6 seconds…we’ll know on the 21st if those ol’ Mayans were right. Then again they never saw their end coming, so pretty sure my Apocalypse Now Tour – See The End of The World From A Comfortable Coach! won’t be fully booked.

Mayan All Your Christmases Be Red (2:11 – 132Mb)

  • Talking Heads – (Nothing But) Flowers
  • Alan Moore – The Decline of English Murder
  • Bobby Womack – Stupid Introlude (Feat. Gil Scott-Heron)
  • Bobby Womack – Stupid
  • Akira The Don – Thanks For All The AIDS
  • Lupe Fiasco – The End Of The World
  • Metallica – The Four Horsemen (Fade to Bluegrass)
  • Ian Brown – In The Year 2525
  • Psychic TV – Eve Ov Destruction
  • Time Zone – World Destruction
  • Radiohead – Idioteque (Ndark’s Phat Planet Fusion Mix)
  • Laibach – Final Countdown
  • The Magic Mushrooms – It’s-A-Happening
  • Rage Against The Machine – Bullet In The Head
  • Transplants – Apocalypse now
  • Slayer – Raining Blood
  • Roky Erickson – Burn The Flames
  • Rolo Tomassi – Illuminare
  • Godspeed You Black Emperor! – The Dead Flag Blues (Intro)
  • Blind Willie Johnson – Dark Was The Night (Cold Was The Ground)
  • Current 93 – Idum├Ža (feat. Clodagh Simonds)
  • In This Moment – 11:11
  • M83 – Wait
  • Steve Lawrence & Eydie Gorme – Black Hole Sun
  • The Ink Spots – I Don’t Want To Set The World On Fire

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