Andrew in Drag (Ukelele version)

First things first, and if you know me well you’ll know what I’ll say: since when did Stephin Merritt become a bear?!?

Lovely version of Andrew in Drag by the Magnetic Fields on the Ukelele as part of Bet Fit Sessions…it brings out his wonderfully lugubrious and very distinctive voice. This song has been haunting 6Music’s airwaves until fairly recently, although strangely later on they edited out the ‘fag’ bit, which I found strange. I assumed some clueless queen complained…I mean if a faggot can’t use or reclaim the fag word, who can?

EDIT: Apparently yes he is a bear now (I knew he worked with LD, must’ve rubbed off, LOL!) and hung around the Kings Arms while in London recently…shame I never do that cos there aren’t any actually bearded guys there. And yes I do like pocket bears and as I’ve never really taken much close attention to what he looks like (still can’t believe he’s the same guy in those 90’s videos) so that could’ve been a fun conversation…

I need to go write a song Magnetic Fields imaginary story style now: ‘I Tried To Pick Up A Pocket Bear (It was Stephin Merritt In Drag)’

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