That random Kickstarter music goes metal

I found that annoying ukelele music on every. frigging. Vlog. montage. or, Kickstarter, that SO chirpy it makes you want to punch something, somebody or just your screen.

Usually accompanied by irritating and unreadable melange of brush typefaces (PRINTERS PIE MUST DIE!), twee illustrations and bad drag n’ drop templated North American graphic design that makes you think of coffee shops, serial killers*, not having a real job and depression:

“This is the musical equivalent of comic sans.” – yup. (It turns out that the guy who wrote it is actually a great guy kicking it to the copyright system…I just can’t stand the tune).

This version by groboclone (thanks Pom Deter for the channel tip) is FAR better. METAL UKULELE!

Sadly there is nothing he nor Kevin can do to redeem the other royalty free horror: that whistley one from hell:

(*sorry really over cutesy things make me instantly side-eye them for hidden darkness.

I’ve found that the woman wearing the onesie or PJs, fluffy moonboots/slippers and fwuffier bows and Hello Kitty apparel is quite often the sociopath who elbows you out of the way at the sandwich store and then screams the place down with racist epithets and viral-worthy meltdown if they’ve run out of Coronation Chicken. 

Can work for men: see Simpsons ties and cartoon braces, neon golfing socks etc, but tis usually a bit more restrained in a Patrick Bateman-esque way).

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