Sitting on the Fence

Was listening to the 6Music show about King Creosote and Jon Hopkins ‘Diamond Mine’ (well worth listening to both the show and the album, fave of this year so far) and I still think they wuz robbed of the Mercury Prize. Yes ‘Let England Shake’ is good, but PJ’s squawking gets irritating after a while, and she’s won it before. The safe choice. And by all accounts the one moment of the night all the media liggers fell silent (in a good way) was when KC & Jon rocked up in suits and played a version of Bubble.

Anyway I was looking to buy some of KC’s albums over at Fence and I came across Kwaing Creasite, dark/electronic? alter-ego of Kenny Anderson aka King Creosote. Love the track here with Reporter, Owlets. Which is not available in the shops and is long deleted and sold out from benbecula’s Fence Collective CD-R – which raises a bugbear of mine. I can understand physical product becoming sold out, because it costs to do a repress and there is a minimum amount, but when you’re selling CD-R’s and cassettes (or digital even) surely you can just burn another one? So searching in vain for a deleted CD-R is rather annoying.

Although in this case it looks like the label has become defunct too? 🙁

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