Welcome to the United Police State of RoyalWeddingStan

Seriously this is why I didn’t watch it nor go near town during that event. Protest of any sort was banned, and many people were arrested and squats raided well before the event including the exceedingly peaceful Charlie Veitch of the Love Police who I’ve featured here…while the media went into overdrive to brainwash people into thinking this was a good thing with intense coverage for weeks and on the day taking pictures of the zombie hordes outside Buck House as someone described them. The state was scared. Interestingly hardly any bunting and no street parties where I live, and none in Essex according to John. Maybe more people really don’t give a fuck than they thought?

I didn’t recognise the land I was born into yesterday – this unquestioning kowtowing and abuse of rights is more akin to places far away. The fact people who didn’t have climbing gear nor were protesting just going to a ‘Not the Royal Wedding’ party (surprise surprise in the modern Met Newspeke of disinformation it was reported as such) nor were protesting were arrested then released far away, the comments from the Met than NO protest was allowed and ‘pre-emptive’ strikes on people who are about as violent as Kate is.

There’s a Stepford Wives 1984 feeling about yesterday that really bothered me – and will probably pop up again during the Olympics – one of thoughtcrime, assuming that the police are correct (well apart from Ian Tomlinson – was it luck or intentional that decision didn’t come out before yesterday?) and these are all ‘troublemakers’, and an automatic presumption of guilt and trumped up charges that get magically dropped because they are invented just to get the people out of the area.

This is not England or the UK I know, this forced jollity and brainwashing and quashing of protest is not what this place should be about – even when police attacked unofficial pro-royalist parties (WTF?). Hence rebranding it the United Police State of RoyalWeddingStan.

I did like the quiet though…although how many of that was people too scared to go out cos of the crowds/zombie horde/police?

Ignorance and meh was my protest. What was yours? (video via BristleKRS)

Here’s Charlie Veitch being arrested – and more about the arrests in the Guardian here.

Relatio Clash

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  1. veganpanda
    April 30

    “Interestingly hardly any bunting and no street parties where I live, and none in Essex according to John.”

    I’d just like to correct John; I live in Essex & my road was closed due to a (poxy) royal wedding street party… needless to say I didn’t stck around & escaped as early as possible!!

    Loving this vid & have passed it on to as many as poss 🙂

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