Who is this mysterious Trolololololo man?

I posted this clip over a week ago, and it seems it has become an internet sensation – rightly so as it’s so funny yet so joyous – and the singer’s rather odd Botox-style smile and plastic fixed expression is mesmeric. It now has it’s own website Facebook fanpage and name (they call him Trololololololololololo and even copycats have popped up). But who is he?

Well a little Google Translate on the original clip reveal the subject to be ‘I am very glad, because I’m finally back home’ and the info to be ‘The original clip. Singer Edward Gil’ – now searching on the latter comes on this website with this other, wonderfully cheesy video:

https://www.youtube.com/v/yY8qsXkidtw&hl=en_GB&fs=1& – sadly gone?

And doesn’t this sound familiar (same set and all) – must be from the same show as Trololo, and I suspect ‘Moon Stone’ – it’s ‘Woodcutters’ by the same composer, that’s why:

And another song by the ‘Trolololo’ songwriter Arkady Ostrovsky, a song called ‘Moon Stone’ – holy green-screen Batman!

Turns out the man is Eduard Anatolyevich Khil (or sometimes Gil or Hill) born September 4 1934 in Smolensk, known for several songs (look at the website link above for a list) and is part of a band with his son called Prepinaki.

The song that’s the viral hit is indeed called ‘I Am So Happy to Finally Be Back Home’ and “is an Ostrovskii composition, meant to be sung in the vokaliz style, that is to say sung, but without words”.

Oh in more modern times, with his sons as Prepinaki, it seems Trololololololo man has gone all gypsy drum and bass 😉

Also digging using the cyrillic for ‘vokaliz’ found what is the precursor to trololololo man – it’s a cover?

or maybe that was a cover of this:

And Benny Hill on acid meets Trololololo?:

The mystery deepens…and I suddenly want to hear more strange joyous Russian scat musics…


  1. March 8

    Hi there.
    At last the internet reminds us that what we really love ……………is the Mystery .
    The most intriguing thing I have seen in years .

    And weapons grade FUNNY.

    I raved about Trololololololololololo on my Breakfast radio show over here in New Zealand yesterday and thus the streets in the city of Auckland now echo with endless joyful Trolololololololololol’s .

    I can only imagine how our global internet listening audience might be paying tribute to this semi yodelled song from the well turned out, worldly and proud, proud entertainer.

    Awesome . Thank You

    Mike Havoc 95Bfm Auckland NZ

    • March 8

      Thank you, glad you like the post and him…glad to help spread the word on something so joyous and lovely, it can’t help make you smile…far too little of that these days 😀

  2. Jur
    March 9

    WTH? how did googling “Russian Scat” get me here? I guess next time I’ll be sure to google “german scat” when browsing for scat porn.

  3. trollock
    April 2

    Hi!!!! Edward Hil now lives in St. Petersburg, it can be seen on the streets, although in the Soviet Union, he was a superstar. Here is a fragment from his 2003 interview (http://zwezda.ru/hil.html, translate google)
    @ @ @ – You ask me how I live? As people live. How to live Petersburgers how people live in the Far East, Siberia, in the south … In the course of what is happening, worry about everything. Retired. For eight years, I retired. Two years later, will celebrate its 70 anniversary. I am a man of war. He passed through the children’s home (lost parents). Then my mother found me, imagine how happy she was? I went through all, so I’m not afraid to ride the bus, trolley and subway and talk to people. Because I am part of the people. And it does not understand those who rises. He was once at a concert. He looked as artists are drawn to each other, who has more protection. Funny and sad …

    Now everyone talks who have some protection or a car. Ninety percent of people live very poorly. And when they get artists, they begin to each other to boast: I have a BMW, I have a Ford and a Mercedes. I go for “lada”. We have a son (he drives, I’m not I drive), this was the third car, and all “lada”. If I buy a BMW or a Mercedes and I say, break the glass … My pension is not enough to repair! I worked for 44 years, and retirement I – fifteen hundred rubles. One glass at the Mercedes is worth 300-400 dollars.

    Of course, it is good when you’re invited to speak, within a few – two or three – decades. Sometimes I even sing in nightclubs and discos, where the young, not afraid. And I am pleased to hear from them: “Oh, how funny song! Under them danced our mothers and grandmothers.” I have a lot of these songs, collected a few dozen: “The ceiling ice”(????), “There’s a song in a circle”(????? ??????? ?? ?????), “How to escort ships,”(??? ????????? ????????) “Sailor waddling …”(????? ???????????). Now his son wrote good songs. Sometimes we stand with him, we have a project “Hil and Sons. This is my son, Dima, organized and two musicians. They sing and their songs, and my – the past, but in other arrangements, different rhythm, tempo. @ @ @
    In general, Edward Hil is a very positive person, texts of his songs are the same light as he is. This Is understandable even to those who do not know Russian language. Very pleased that it is now able to appreciate people around the world. We are all very happy for Edward)))

  4. April 2

    Thanks for providing the background on this remarkable song. Just this last few months I have been aware of the ‘viral’ aspect of the Trololo song and wanted to know more. The reason? – I have a radio show in the UK, and part of that show features ‘obscure/ unusual or curious’ songs from all over the world. I’d like to feature this song on an upcoming programme but obviously it wouldn’t have the impact without some sort of fair explanation. Singers like Eduard are the ‘grass roots’ of popular music, in that they perform their craft with total conviction, joy and verve. A delight.

    • trollock
      April 2

      Hil was very popular in the Soviet Union in 60-70 years, his songs grew more than one generation of Russian and Soviet people. About a lot of information in Russian Internet. if necessary, I can help)))

  5. Dhe
    April 4

    Hey Trollock, thank you for the interview fragment. This guy, Eduard Khil, is much more than just the silly Trololo song. Anyone who is just content to watch “Trololo” only, is missing out on a great talented star of the past. Lots of videos of his other songs are on Youtube. Check them out.

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