The Return of the Trololo, DJNoNo goes totally Trololowooble

44 years later…Eduard Hil (Khil)? is interviewed about being an internet star and shown the fan videos:

He’s right, it’s not parody, not ironic, not nasty, it’s with love – it makes you smile and never out stays it’s welcome.

I almost DJ’d the Trolololo song on Thursday…I wish I had now. I wasn’t sure how many people knew it – looks like this is world-wide! DJNoNo made this rather silly Trololo mashup for it, a combination of Aphrodite’s (NOT AGAIN!) Wooble and The Bee remix and Trololo – it’s silly, messy, and doesn’t probably work entirely but here, have it and I hope it raises a smile (that’s not hard with Trololo). This will probably not be posted elsewhere so let’s keep it a secret between you and I, eh? Probably for the best, not sure the world is ready for such madness…

And someone has even done an Trololo Audiosurf video already and it even works with that…

Here’s a message from the man himself:

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