New Order Western Works demos resurface…


Something I seem to have missed in 2009 is that via an eBay sale of a reel found in a Chorlton charity shop the legendary Western Works demos have now seen the light of day, and are downloadable for free from The Power of Independent Trucking blog – including a never-before heard of Cabaret Voltaire / Rob Gretton / New Order collaboration called ‘Are You Ready Are You Ready Are You Ready For This?’.

Western Works has gone into New Order lore as this is the time mid/late-1980 after the suicide of Ian Curtis before the recording of Movement that they were trying different singers and becoming New Order – it even has Stephen Morris singing (remarkably well I have to say, one of my favourite songs from this era and was never released!), and the song ‘Homage’ which never was officially released, which I both have on terrible MP3 and dodge bootleg cassette…so to have a lossless copy which was taken from the 1/8″ multitrack reel, well I’m dumbfounded.

The New Order side of the demo is:

01 Dreams Never End (mix 1, quieter guitars)
02 Dreams Never End (mix 2, louder guitars)
03 Homage
04 Ceremony
05 Truth
06 Are You Ready Are You Ready Are You Ready For This?

Apparently the other sides is already released Cabs material, and interestingly New Order, or at least one member (my betting is Hooky or Steve, more likely Hooky) of New Order knows this is circulating.

Much thanks to sean808080 and Everything Starts with an A for the nod.


  1. December 30

    Wow. I am SO out of the loop. Thanks so much for the heads up. :^)

  2. January 22

    thanks much for the ht. if only i could have seen them at that time. what great music.

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