The Black Dog – Sheffield Favourites

I’m a strange mongrel, one foot in Manchester and the other in Sheffield (appropriate metaphor since it’s always pissing on the Pennines). My family come from Sheffield so I have a particular fondness for the grey and damp rainy city (more overgrown village), it’s seven hills ‘just like Rome!’ and it’s put upon citizens.

So I love this musical history which came out years ago via RBMA Radio from Ken and Martin of the Sheffield scene, even mentioned the video of the Psalter Lane gig video I just posted (didn’t know it was filmed by one of the guys from In The Nursery) which highlights that only the video copy survives cos the original Super 8 (!) got trashed by the transfer machine…a very Sheffield Poly/Hallam story. Also the comments that only every decade is a few Sheffield bands allowed to succeed (very true) and that something was very odd in the early 80’s – bands like Vice Versa/ABC, The Future/Human League/Heaven 17 and even Cabaret Voltaire to some extent going from experimental TG-style Ballardian electronic post-punk to shiny futuristic teeny-pop, but still brilliantly made. Must be something in the water (probably stained brown, like the Wicker…)

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