The groove machine from Bush House: Joe Strummer’s London Calling

As this is still a popular post to this day (2018 – NINE years later!) – can I also plug my own podcast and show Radio Clash which tries to continue to fly the musical flag as Joe Strummer and John Peel did. It’s been going since 2004 (with a 3 year gap but now restarted) with a similar look at music from around the world regardless of era, genre or status.

joe-strummer-smThanks to Steve Holy13Nation I found out that in America last summer 8 shows (plus an intro documentary) were broadcast featuring 14 episodes of Joe Strummer’s London Calling – the show he did for many years on the World Service before he died, and as featured in the film ‘The Future is Unwritten‘ as links – you can find them on iTunes for free as podcasts (which I’ve uploaded here as a mirror in case they go down or people don’t have iTunes).

Only downside is as Steve pointed out, is the need and desire for such things is to tell you how great Joe Strummer was and constantly reminding you who he was through fairly obscure and tangentially related people  cf. a  ‘I met him once at a bus stop! type’ popping up before the 1st show.

So if you want to hear some of the other London Calling shows without the waffle, you’ve come to the right place. Posted some of these here before such as the 2007 repeats and Don Letts show, but most of these were obtained from the wonderful alphish and his Multiply page which is always worth checking out for new ones if they turn up – but they’re all Megaupload, which can be a right arse, so here they are all in one place…most are MP3 but some are OGG files EDIT: I’ve uploaded the converted MP3 files, aren’t I nice?. 😀 And also the Don Letts show.

Also I’ve checked the podcasts linked above versus these original radio recordings – it’s weird, some are duplicated here and some are not (none of the 2002 shows are there) and all in the wrong order. So you might be best listening to the podcast as a few of these are terrible hissy quality, compared to the lovely clean podcasts.

As a side note, the blurb around the ‘Summer of Strummer’ seems to suggest there were only 14 shows – not true from what I’ve read on ClashCity (sadly the thread isn’t there anymore) and others – there were quite a few shows esp. in  2000 – and the fact they missed the last 4 shows doesn’t really inspire confidence.

Anyone know for certain how many shows were created and their TX dates? And if you have anything not listed here – gimme! I’ll add it.

As Joe said once ‘If that was no toe tapper or no body shaker, boy you need to see the undertaker!’

  • 1998 Show 1 * low quality, duplicated by the  podcasts
  • 1998 Show 2 * low quality, duplicated by the  podcasts
  • 1998 Show 3 * low quality, duplicated by the  podcasts
  • 1998 Show 4 * low quality, duplicated by the  podcasts

And may I remind you, This One’s For Joe, the Strummer mashup album from a few years back is available – including my Orb vs Joe Strummer & Bonzo Dog mashup Willesden Blue which also takes samples from London Calling, and is still one of my best.

Oh and after a few question – it’s nice to be asked but – feel free to repost, spread the links, repost the files, torrent, twitter, send to all your friends, burn to CD etc. spread these far and wild – these files are on an old server and is dedicated to this, and has been up for years with some of these files with no problem, but in the rare event it does get pulled or go down I want these files to be out there – for ever. For future generations to hear – for the future is unwritten.

Joe’s love was the music and getting it heard, and this show deserves to be preserved and heard again – still surprised the BBC hasn’t repeated the whole series, or released them as discs – that’s a shocking omission, I’d far prefer to listen to these in high quality complete…I think there are many shows missing – let me know if you have any more.

Also some naughty person might’ve uploaded the podcasts for those without iTunes, with tracklists in the comments, tags and cover art, but as Shaggy once said ‘It wasn’t me’ 😉

Please let me know ASAP if any of these links are broken – I want to make sure these stay up permanently for as long as possible, for everyone to hear these great shows. Joe deserves that.


  1. Ian
    August 8

    Thanks, mate!

  2. August 8

    You are a diamond for posting these – thank you more deeply then my keyboard permits.

    I’d like to link out from my blog if I may – you’re providing a service getting these all in one place.


  3. […] Joe Strummer’s London Calling Broadcasts Posted by Tim at The Clash Blog 07 August 2009 Under: Clash Memories, Clash News, Joe Strummer, Other Bands I’m a happy Clash fan tonight – in fact I couldn’t be happier. I’ve been waiting 7 years for the Joe Strummer BBC World Service broadcasts to be in one place – without the frankly annoying bells and whistles offered on the itunes downloads but as the exact same broadcasts that went out from 1998-2001. My search is over as this wonderful site has brought them all together in one place. […]

  4. August 8

    Typical Strummer comentary & song selections. Bringing home the bacon! Legendary

  5. August 10

    Many thanks! You’ve made so many people so happy…

    • November 18

      Glad you like them! I hope to keep them online as long as I can, can’t promise forever but they deserve that. I’ll also mirror the podcasts when/if they go down.

  6. Liz Moody
    November 18

    These priceless recordings are a huge comfort to me and many others I’m sure. I am listening slowly to make them last. THANKYOU so VERY much for making this possible.XXXXXXX

    • November 18

      Glad you like them! I hope to keep them online as long as I can, can’t promise forever but I’ll try. They really deserve that.

  7. Gav
    January 6

    Thank you so much for uploading these, timbearcub. It is nigh on impossible to find the shows in their original broadcast versions so you’ve provided an invaluable service here…Joe would be pleased! However I should point out that the four episodes listed as being from 2002 are in fact just from 2000 – they are episodes 2, 3, 5 and 6 respectively. Cheers.

  8. jjazz
    March 12

    thanks bro! it gets difficult to access this stuff from argentina otherwise 😉

  9. […] of them are available as podcasts on iTunes for free – and a few more are posted on this site.  I feel awfully old finding stuff like this 10 years later (not quite as old as when listening to […]

  10. J.J.
    May 21

    Thanks so much for these. Fantastic, and much appreciated. Is there a complete track list somewhere? Mr. Strummer always did a great job of letting you know what he was playing, but I’m trying to make a Pandora station that features all of the artists from these shows and I’d love to have a handy reference. Thanks again for keeping the legacy alive!

    • May 21

      Well they should have tracklists in the ID3 comments field here: if not then look at the itunes – sure there is a site somewhere with the tracklists for selling the podcasts other radio stations (Strummer programs are the second show in each epsiode) and at alphish’s site

      It’s a shame you haven’t got Spotify yet, I’d love a Spotify playlist. Can you export in a list format?

      • J.J.
        May 21

        Excellent! Thanks for all your help with finding all the track list info Tim, very helpful. Unfortunately Spotify isn’t available in the US yet, but thanks for pointing it out to me (never heard of it, lol). If it DOES become available here, I will definitely work on that. Is Pandora not available to you in the UK? It’s different than Spotify as far as I can tell, in that with Pandora, you add tracks/artists, and based on you choices it creates playlists based on similar artists and styles. It pulls info from the Music Genome Project, and is really cool, except for some reason it thinks all I ever want to hear is The Ramones, lol.

        • May 25

          Pandora was available in the UK, I used to use it – but music licensing and the silly record companies forced it to block access from the UK many years ago. I loved it…same with sites like Hulu, MTV, etc. I think people in the US don’t realise how many sites push out that pesky ‘not available in your country’ message because they don’t get it that often.

          Same issue is with Spotify but the other way round. Nice to have it the other way round, for once.

  11. […] zehn Stunden allerfeinster horizonterweiternder Musik aus aller Welt, moderiert von Joe Strummer, bei Radio Clash als einzelne Shows zu finden oder bei uns als MP3-Gesamtpaket (Link weiter unten). Die Shows sind nicht in alle in bester […]

    • November 25

      Thanks! And cool – more the merrier! 😀

  12. […] seine Sendung London Calling als kostenlosen Podcast einstellen lassen – mit Weisung von oben: Reinhören. Herr Renner steht aber mehr auf zu bezahlende Musik und macht einen Vorschlag für eine Flatrate. […]

  13. Jenny
    January 31


  14. Gay
    February 20

    Thank so much. A joy to hear Joe again.

  15. mike
    February 22

    Thought to myself that finding recording these would be hard to find and they probably don’t even exist – but in seconds I found here. Thanks for baking the fruitcake by highlighting them here; now time for some coolin out.

  16. Scrub
    March 3

    Good to hear you’re enjoying the shows. I produced two of these series with Joe and am chuffed as he would be too that people around the world have enjoyed them so much. Love, peace and all the rest of the good stuff.


  17. thomas evans
    June 12

    i have had so much fun listening to these recordings. its great to hear his voice again. “let it roll!”

  18. Kirsti
    July 16

    Thank you for these. I am prone to life-stopping nervous breakdowns that can last for years. The one constant that keeps me going through these are Joe with The Mescaleros and The Clash. My collection, though incomplete, is wonderful with the crackle-pop of a record. I just hit another low the other day. No idea how long it will last, but thank you so much. His voice is so soothing like a medicine. I will listen to these until I heal. “Without people, you’re nothing” . He is my people.

  19. […] Fotos und Anekdoten präsentiert. Meine glühende Hingabe an sämtlichen Output Joe Strummer‘s wird hier sicher erkannt, das muss so sein. Seit Jahren zähle ich diesen Mensch unter […]

  20. Agustin
    December 4

    Guys thank you so much for uploading this. Joe´s show is truly a relique, as much as his music is. I will spread it through my facebook and twitter so my friends can get to listen to this amazing music as well. Thanks again!

    • January 8

      Thanks! Those look to be the same as the ‘podcasts’ that Joyride media put out, they’re linked above.

  21. October 13

    Thanks, man. This is beautiful.
    Que el universo te tenga en la gloria, Joe!

  22. Jonathan E.
    October 13

    Fabulous! Thanks for putting up THE ORIGINALS! Sorry, but those iTunes re-dos are pretty irritating. I want to hear the MAN, not what all those other geezers want to say about Joe. And I want to hear the music, of course!!!

  23. WakeMeUp
    December 3

    Thank you so much ! (From France… Merci :-))

  24. Giorgio
    October 27

    Thanks you so much fot this treasure, greetings from Chile!.

  25. August 4

    Wonderful, thanks! I downloaded the podcasts through iTunes years ago and only recently discovered that they were accidentally deleted at some point. Great to find them here — they give me much joy and comfort. Cheers!

  26. easyandy
    November 22

    nice up! muchas gracias amigo!

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