Still NO to Prop 8! You can’t amend me!

Voting is November 4th I believe, if you’re going down to Cali (cos you live there!), please vote ‘No’.

Oh and one little thing, if you’re in the US vote for this man, otherwise a kitten cries. He’s your only hope, and you know it. And partly mine, because it’s not all separate anymore:

Oh and closer to home:

Depression, recession, repossession: and they want to ban happy hours and cheap alcohol?!?!

Gordon Brown is an asshole. Well you knew that; but it would be nice if he stopped the Presbyterian moralising such as possibly banning anything fun happening in this now depressing little country, and proclaiming about stupid and unfunny radio hosts, and maybe, like, ooh, little things like concentrating on the fucked up economy and a fucked up war like he’s supposed to?

Would be nice.


And Cameron stop grinning at the back there. You’re just as fucking bad.

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