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OK for once under the vague and wafer thin pretense of being the mashup blog I’m supposed to be, I’m going to start (well for at least one post 😉 to post tunes I’m digging atm with links! woo!

First up is Dunproofin –  my favourite bootlegger of 2008 (and pretty close to that in 2007 AND 2006!) and friend of the show (he provided the lovely Radio Clash remix that now serves at the theme tune) and I have to say he deserves to be as big as Soulwax or GHP and has the skills to back that up. Don’t believe me? – check this out:

Dunproofin’s Incredible (and he is an’ all – Oasis ‘Live Forever’ vs M-Beat ft General Levy ‘Incredible’ vs 808 State’s ‘Pacific State’) which I first heard played by the lovely DJ Lumpy at Eclectic Kettle isn’t the first Oasis jungle mix floating around- there is a Wonderwall one which sounds like it was mastered on cardboard – but it’s certainly the best, and with 808 too? Bonus!

Also check out Police Klaxons (Klaxons ‘Golden Skans’ vs Police’s ‘Can’t Stand Losing You’) which makes Stings (can I say one thing? STING!) vocals less than excrable which is some going.

He also put out a ‘best of’ album, which you can download on torrent here – really really recommended, highly so. Especially the original FU2, and check out the new version on his site.

Another contender for masher of the year is australian bootlegger Wax Audio – you might know him from his political mashes, but his recent and not-so-recent Maiden and Metallica mashes will make any metal mickey happy…but here he goes more for an 80’s vibe mixing Kate Bush’s Running Up That Hill with Prince’s Sign o’ the Times, and makes something that works for these times. I like the brooding quality here, makes Kate’s track less than the slightly-god bothering track it is and more darker, doubtful.

Mashups of Running up that Hill are rare apart from DJ Magnet’s Pet Shop Boys opus, unlike Sign o’ The Times which is fairly well remixed, and having tried to mash it recently I now know why – tis a nightmare to work with, so kudos to Mr Wax Audio for creating something that works so well.

Mashing Up That Hill (Kate Bush vs Prince)

Relatio Clash


  1. September 23

    ah…sir i confess – was i wot played yon tune – but twas my last and wee lumpy popped his heid abain the decks and copped my applause, achone! achone!

  2. EchoMike
    September 27

    In response, I’d just like to say…”DAVID ESSEX!”

  3. Just tidying up my rss feeds and I found this …. obviously not been updated for a while ! Anyway … thanks Tim – you are indeed generous with your somewhat unwarranted praise.

  4. kelly loom
    February 16

    . I think that female DJs can be just as good and even better than men at djing. What do you think?

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