Radio Clash 78: Southern Summer, Northern Soul

Heatwave! Well maybe there was a heatwave, it’s gone now but this show was inspired by the longest day of the summer and the hottest June 12th on record in the UK.

Dunno where it’s gone now…what that the summer?

Wash those Summertime Blues right out of your hair


  • Bill Hicks – Summertime Blues
  • DJBCHotbreaker
  • Hal Cali – Otsukare Summer

Tim’s Summer Soul Northern Glam mix

  • Lionel Vinyl – Is there a Doctor on the Train?
  • RAH Band – The Crunch
  • Suzi Quatro – Glycerine Queen
  • Peaches – Boys Wanna Be Her
  • Joan Jett and the BlackHearts – Summertime Blues
  • Pilchard – Clapstero
  • The Fall – F’Oldin Money
  • Jimmi Jammes – Trippin’
  • cccPink Night
  • Shirley Ellis – Ever see a diver kiss his wife while the bubbles bounce about above the water
  • Bar-Kays – Soul Finger (from Altantic R&B 1967-69)
  • Breathe Don’t Stop (Q-Tip vs MJ – this is the original not that awful Jungle Bros cash in!)
  • Usha Uthup – Chhupke Kaun Aya (from Tom Middleton’s ‘The Trip’)
  • Malha Funk – Nova Danca (Melo Do James Brown) (from Senor Coconut FM CD)
  • Bonde do role – Melo do Tabaco (from Diplo presents)
  • Negreto – Dile (from Senor Coconut FM CD)
  • St. Petersburg Ska-Jazz Review – Anarchy in the UK (from Puritan Blister blog)
  • Desmond Dekker – Where Did it Go
  • The Indelicates – We Hate the Kids (from Spoilt Victorian Child blog)
  • Arty Fufkin – Exit Music (for a Norwegian Film)
  • DJ EarlybirdLearned from Summertime

Relatio Clash

Tim B Written by:


  1. Conrad Slater
    June 20

    Really great choices this week – loved it. Had I been at that party I’d of danced.

  2. June 22

    Great mix!!! it’s very fun. also, make your darling podcast as long as you want. i’d listen for two hours. your show has never failed to entertain.

  3. Pete
    June 29

    Good show as always.

    You’ve probably got it, but Diplo’s Favela on blast mix is available as a direct download from Wikipedia (bottom of this page) – good for the Munsters bit and the Rock the Casbah track that comes from Hollertronix 1.5 (just reissued).


  4. Gareth Williams
    July 5

    I just got into this podcasting thing recently. Downloaded your show on the weekend – absolutely fantastic! always flirted with the Northern Soul thing but could never find that much stuff over here in Canada. You’ve got a new fan.



  5. Indiebass
    July 17

    Just a quick question: is there a way to get ahold of the “Doctor on a train” track, as Lionel seems to have his tunes section down at the moment? Oh, and this is a GREAT podcast to listen to while i’m working out! (incedentally, so was the last one! Good on ya, mate!) Thanks for making, what i consider the Gold Standard of podcasts.

  6. malenka2000
    July 21

    What a find!!! Excellenteeeeeeee!!! I’m gonnapass this on to everyone i know…keep up the great work…Wonderful!!!

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