Radio Clash 127: Tony Wilson

Peter Saville, Tony Wilson and Alan Erasmus, photo by Kevin Cummins

Tribute to the influential, vociferous, and showmanlike Tony Wilson, who died on Friday. He ran Factory Records, started the Hacienda, Dry Bar and In the City, all in Manchester.

I’ve only got record shops left: (70Mb, 88mins)

  • String Tribute to Joy Division and New Order – Love Will Tear Us Apart (original FAC 23)
  • Happy Mondays – 24 Hr Party People (FAC 170)
  • Joy Division – Shadowplay (FAC 10)
  • OMD – Electricity (FAC 6)
  • Crispy Ambulance – Deaf (FAC 32)
  • A Certain Ratio – Shack Up (FAC 42 / FAC BN 1)
  • E.S.G – Moody (FAC 34)
  • Section 25 – Looking From A Hilltop (FAC 90)
  • Quando Quango – Love Tempo (Remix) (FAC 79)
  • Cath Caroll – England Made Me (FAC 210)
  • New Order – Perfect Kiss (FAC 123)
  • New Order – Bizarre Love Triangle (Richard X mix) (original FAC 163)
  • Devine and Statton – Bizarre Love Triangle (original FAC 163)
  • Happy Mondays – Loose Fit (FAC 312)
  • New Order – 1980 Demo (FAC ??)
  • Happy Mondays – Hallelujah (Club mix) (FAC 242)
  • New Order – Special (not on Factory, although demos released as FACT 300)
  • The 6Ths + Dean Wareham – Falling Out Of Love (With You) (Facd 2.06)
  • Durutti Column – Sleep Will Come (TWI 007)
  • Swans – Love Will Tear Us Apart (original FAC 23)

(Original cutting from Cerysmatic Factory) Photo by Kevin Cummins


  1. August 14

    A great mix Tim – getting me through a wet Tuesday morning. Cheers!

  2. August 23

    RIP – Tony – only met him once but once was enough.

  3. superelectro (robin - cmp)
    August 26

    good to head esg , quango quango are not as obscure as you think as they included mike pickering one of the djs at eh hac and later on mpeople.

    well time, I got back from hunnymoon at yes tony was dead. talk about putting your lise in chapters. I had met hime numerious times as he lived oposite the club I working in when I was at uni. seen him cometing on all of the new bands on one of his nights in the 5th man ( the bacment of the hac). in life a twat, in death a single minded svengali.(?)

  4. September 8

    What a great loss.He sure had & gave great times.
    Thanks for the amazing stroll through history.

  5. September 26

    I’m just listening to this – I am SO behind on my podcasts!

    Anyway, fantastic selection of tracks.

    I used to be on Audiogalaxy back in the day too. That was the best mp3 sharing service in history.

    RIP Tony Wilson and RIP Audiogalaxy.

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