Radio Clash 72: Kleptomania! Kleptones 24 Hours Interview special

Interview with Eric from the Kleptones, talking about the music industry, mashups, and more, with all music featured by the Kleptones. Thanks to Eric for the great interview.

Steal this link
(93mins, 54Mb)

Music featured from new LP ‘24 Hours‘ unless otherwise indicated:

  • 0730 Up
  • 0700 Still Start
  • 1150 Close to the Boxer
  • All We Have Is Soul (from Yoshimi Battles the Hip Hop Robots)
  • 0900 Daft Purple
  • 1025 Sixteen Sisters
  • 1100 Casbah Aint Easy
  • 1230 – Nu Rip Off
  • 2330 Get It On The Long Hard Road
  • 1800 War of Confusion
  • 1605 Unfinished Turkey
  • 2200 The Underground Hand That Buttoned The Widow
  • 1700 Run Outside
  • 0535 Anything New
  • 0610 We All Fall Through The Air
  • 0700 Still Ending
  • 1900 Careless or Dead
  • 0810 Down On Bennies
  • 2100 Uptight Jet
  • 1440 Quicksilver Manuva
  • 0245 If Not For The Ambulance Driver
  • Question (from Night at the Hip-Hopera)
  • 0315 Imagine The End Of The World
  • 0700 Still Ending


  1. April 21

    Thanks back to you, Tim – had great fun talking!

    Notes to self:

    1 – Buy a better headset / microphone
    2 – Stop drinking so much wine, especially while being interviewed.



  2. Jon
    April 24

    Great interview Tim and Eric, and great to hear this awesome album getting more coverage.


  3. miya
    April 25

    This is one of my favorite Radio Clash podcasts. I’m glad you and eric touched on the subject of how some mashups seem “bland” as if two nearly identical songs are being mashed together which doesn’t add anything to either song. It would be like combining mashed potatoes with baked ones… it’s the same stuff. Oh yes, a great album as well.

  4. April 25

    Great show, but if I’d come in half way through I’d have assumed the interviewee was Darth Vader based on the heavy breathing 😉

  5. April 27

    damn, my cover has been rumbled.

  6. Paul
    May 15

    I am slowly catching up with my backlog of podcasts and listened to this yesterday and then downloaded 24hrs from the Kleptone site.

    Surprised to hear EK mention Andy Weatherall and then hear Papua New Guinea mixed into 2245 Babua Number One, how good is that!

    What is Weatherall doing now, and how about Andy W for a future Radio Clash interview?

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    December 20

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