Radio Clash 71: Sexy Excitetime Chicken Dance Feeling Yes!

Rather than do the predictable (Easter) bunny hop, I risk getting H5N1 doing the Excite Chicken Dance, and get the sexy feeling courtesy of the Passion Boys, Hippocamp, ResonanceFM, Elektric Cowboy, those darned Cuban hamsters and acapella queens in drag, oh yes!

Cluck click here

Sympathy for the Bootleg Industry – ResonanceFM mix recreated excerpt

  • Negativland – Michael Jackson (from Escape from Noise)
  • Glamorous Hooligan – Sympathy for the Bootleg Industry
  • Shame 69 – No Business
  • Fondue Meltdown – Losing the Plot
  • tbc – Know What U Love poem
  • TBC Poundsystem – Losing My Sledge
  • E-Jitz – Shit Shout Out (Dunproofin & original mixes)
  • Negativland – No Business
  • Shitmat – There’s No Business Like Propa’ Rungleclotted Mashup Bizznizz
  • JAMMS – Don’t take five (take what you want)
  • Alex C – Count it out
  • Vicki (People Like Us) – I Like Cake (via WFMU)
  • Who Boys – oh the good mash


  1. April 20

    ummm…. i tried to to go to ejitz website to find out more about shit shout out, but their page looked pretty fucked up. is it just my browser or is thier site messed up?

  2. April 20

    yeah it looks like their site (and Elektric Cowboys and Culturedeluxe in general) are down at the moment – I put the links up hoping they’d fix them but obviously it’s a bigger issue…:-( Was quite recent since they were up over a week ago.

  3. IanFondue
    April 21

    On the EJitz tip – lenlow used a version of the ShitShoutOut vocal for his intro track the last time he DJed the Asylum – called GYBO Teachers. Doesn’t appear to be up on his site, but give me a shout if you fancy a copy.

    Loved the Elektric Cowboy track – really nice work.

    Sorry to say I didn’t hear hte Resonance FM broadcast but the bit you put up sounded really nice, a really good listen. And I’m not just sayign that because one of our tracks is in there ;^)

  4. bristle
    April 21

    another fine show, well done, pat on the back etc 😀

    keep up the good work old chap, and ta for introducing me to the kinsey sicks!

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