Another instance of Big Brother CD DRM & Disable your Autorun NOW!

Following the shameful Sony rootkit debacle looks like otehr companies haven’t learned it’s PR lesson. From Ars Technica via greatbearmd’s blog that now the new Coldplay CD X&Y has DRM automatically installed in some countries such as India and a long legal message saying how the CD won’t work in the majority of CD burners, and some game and car CD players….again a major company is installing DRM and other naughty practices via autorunning CDs now the IPR horse has bolted.

So please to avoid things like Sony’s Rootkit and other DRM technologies being installed by stealth disable autorun on your PC – see this site for more information. Autorun is when your CD plays automatically when inserted, but it’s a major security risk and even Microsoft has realised this as it now has disabled this in XP Service Pack 2 as standard…

I don’t think Macs have this issue, but they should be pissed off too as most DRM like the Coldplay CD won’t even play on your machine.


  1. Tyler
    January 4

    I’m a Mac user and although I think it’s a horrile thing these companies are doing and I have commented about it on my blog. I can’t get too upset about X&Y not playing on my Mac. I’ve heard Coldplay and wansn’t impressed by their sound.

  2. January 4

    Mp3 downloads are safer for your computer!

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