Radio Clash 50: 50th “Special” Comedy Enhanced show with Tim and Kirk

This is the 50th ‘Special’ show (in more senses than one) and is an Enhanced Podcast – comedy enhanced that is; through the trickery of technology. Oh you’ll get the idea in the end…

Recorded on Marvin my mobile podcast rig at my dad’s house in Surrey. Pictures to follow but you can see one of Kirks on the FAQ page 😀

Release your inner special child


  • Intro & Warning
  • Setting the scene
  • Inner City – Big Fun (off Now 13!)
  • Classic hihats and techno chords and Final Destination, Rebel-style
  • Hank Handy – Joni Mitchell vs Rebel MC
  • Massive Bristol rappers smoking the Tumbleweed
  • Massive Attack – Five Man Army (off Blue Lines)
  • Jo Whiley, she’s so 90’s!
  • Derek B – Bad Young Brother
  • Cheesy Fill-in SpecDrum Programming for Beginners
  • New Order – 5-8-6
  • F Minor – G Major – C Minor
  • –Interval–

  • Melodica (ohnoica) and programming from the ground up
  • kozmikdjClose to the Soul (Art of Noise vs Eric B and Rakim)
  • Bad Apples and dead spiders
  • Psychoacoustic – Hi Chris Where’s Your Big Track?
  • Legalese and Clashline
  • Harry and the PottersWizard Chess (on Myspace, they’re mah fwend you thee!)

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  1. November 4

    Ah, the inebriations of Tim n Kirk.

    ‘…the crowd shouts out ‘THANK GOD THEY’RE HERE!’ ‘

    hippy barfday, RC 😉

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