Radio Clash 46: Fly me to NY with added Funtime Ben!

First podcast to be mixed and mastered at 30,000 feet! (probably) from New York with guest Funtime Ben from one of my favourite podcasts Tracks up the Tree. It was great to meet him at last, just don’t mention the Segway or the microdogs..:-D

Give your NY Excuses here.


  • Arrival in New York
  • GHP – Jason Downs vs GHP Hot Choc Mix (Jason Downs vs Hot Chocolate from the Aborted Tapes)
  • New York, Sunday morning, hangover.
  • Pony Club – Single
  • Talking to Funtime Ben – Segway, No Way, Microdogs and Mitzi Gaynor
  • Aggro1 – In the Bath for Me Lately (LemonJelly vs Janet Jackson)
  • Funtime Ben conv #2 – New Yoik Impressions, It’s THAT big, English Feet, 9-11 and NOLA
  • Lushlife – Diamonds (Kanye West vs Beach Boys, from Westsounds)
  • Funtime Ben #3 – Microdog bags hash smugglaz?, NY service, Hotel watersports
  • Army of Lovers – Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometime (from Le Grand Docu-soap)

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