Send me a comment over the web…

Seen this over at Evoca but courtesy of Funtime Ben over at Tracks Up the Tree I see that you can drop me a message via Odeo…cool! Give it a go.

You obviously need a mic and Flash and a computer and a voice and a brain…

EDIT: Except that is doesn’t seem to be working at the moment. Rats. I’m sure they’ll fix that…I’ll have to sort out Evoca then.

I now have an Evoca group so you can record comments then add them to the group (I think unlike the Odeo you have to join, record your comment, then click edit and add it to the group – not exactly simple.). But it does have the added value of working at the moment…!

Not that anyone actually sends comments anyway…
P.S Ditched the US number – kept expiring. The Uk number still works, but those of you outside the UK can use Evoca or Odeo or Gizmo.

What I really need is a Flash gizmo on this very site…hmm.

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