Radio Clash Show 36: Banana Heatwave!

It’s a distinctly un-British 30 degrees, I’ve got voicemails not letters from am-er-ic-aaaa, it’s all gone a bit norfern soul, islamophobia in Finchley Road, some press (WHORE!) and a brandy spanking new sparkly Beatles mix #3…

what more can you want?

(well less DISTORTION cos I recorded this TOO LOUD might be good, but you aint getting that, y’hear?)

Please listen here (33MB, 57:57)


  • team 9 – mama kin in the street (Martha Reeves & the Vandellas vs Aerosmith)
  • ccc – shake your grapes (Black Grape vs Marvin Gaye)
  • marianne faithfull – broken english
  • 2 voicemails from San Francisco

Beatles mix #3: Paul is Live No. 9

  • Is Paul Dead?(from 365 Project)
  • ccc – sleeping
  • Supremes – Come Together
  • DJ Zebra – Come Closer
  • Jay-Z – December 4th (Dangermouse remix from the infamous Grey Album)
  • Mike Mills – Satanism in Rock Music (from 365 Project)
  • team 9 – eleanor rigby vs in your place
  • GHP(?) – eleanor rigby vs soulsearchers
  • The Fall – A Day in the Life
  • Soundhog – A Day in Tracy’s Life(Mogwai vs Beatles)
  • Costa do Castelo vs Arturix (aka Toka Productions) – FadunXo
  • Seu Jorge – Life on mars (from The Life Aquatic)
  • Tim being an Attention Seeking Whore(tm) – SPIN magazine and QPodder Queercast


  1. July 15

    That would be ironic wouldnt it.. such a sweet song by Seu Jorge.. full of rude lyrics and insults. But alas, no.. its a perfectly beautiful song and thanks for the dedication.
    Fun fact Ive mentioned on the internet before.. Seu Jorge.. now experiencing steady success following that movie… struggled for much of his life.. including a long stint being HOMELESS on the streets of… Rio I think. Pretty amazing story.

    and good show, of course.

  2. July 15

    Really great show.

    When I listen to your shows I always think of things to comment about, but I’m almost always away from the computer. Now I can’t remember anything.

    I need to leave you a voicemail… can I do that on skype?

  3. Paul SW11
    July 18

    I have been trawling and wading through lots of podcasts since putting on iTunes and your site has come out top – I love your commentary and mixes.

    Can you tell me why you don’t post your mashes for download? Is it a legal or technical issue?

    Thanks for a great show

  4. July 18

    thanks! glad you all like the show!

    Paul: I post links to some of the mixes (have a look at the shownotes above) if they are available on other people’s servers – I sometimes post other people’s mashes for short periods but don’t want to host too many, or for long, would be too dangerous.

    Fintan: I haven’t got a SkypeIn number yet, so at the moment it’s the Clash line at 206 2020 5274.

    Mark – which episode was that? I dimly remember it, love to hear it again…now I’ve heard Seu Jorge’s work!

  5. PodCheck Weekly Review
    July 19

    PCWR 2005-07-18 #010

    Big long show this week at 40 minutes, but it’s deep fried and wrapped in bacon.
    This episode of Podcheck…

  6. cynthia
    July 20

    hey, great show again. do you have a link to that web media conference in the States?

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