Radio Clash 31: Aural pOddities (or the Annual Aural Terrorist Pledge Drive)

Publish and be damned! This is for me anyway…

Listen here (64:40 / 38Mb)

This show is unsuitable for:

  • Those who are easily offended
  • Conservatives, republicans and those of a fragile disposition
  • Children who want their parents to censor them
  • Workplaces that keep their employees oppressed so that they can’t express themselves
  • Pets and captivated animals
  • People who like music, or musicians that don’t
  • Those whose sanity is linked to music



Horror Cover Corner pt1:

Weird Wired World

  • Some promos I did for Boots n’ All & Pitchshift in Sydney, Aus.
  • kickasspromo for Kick Ass Podcast

Horror Cover Corner pt2:

Xtian Insanity


  1. Chris
    June 13

    Yeah thanks for no warning on the diary of an unborn child piece of crap. I don’t need this coming unbidden from my ipod in the car with the kid.

    I’ll unsub for awhile now.

  2. June 13

    oops sorry you’ve felt so upset you’ve unsubscribed – my intention wasn’t to offend or upset children; just play some pretty insane music partly submitted by listeners 🙁

    But I have to say, Radio Clash has NEVER been Work or Child friendly – I’ve mentioned this in the past, over at PodCastAlley it’s always said ‘Not intended to be 100% work or school safe.’ and at Podcast Pickle I’ve recently rated it ‘R’ – it used to say that in the XML feed before I started this blog…

    The only place I’ve ironically not said it is here; I thought the message was out on that and didn’t want to put it in BIG LETTERS on the frontpage as that would attract the sort of audience expecting ‘rude thrills’ like those EXPLICIT LYRICS stickers on rap albums…

    Sigh – I’m fed up with this, with other stuff that’s going on, maybe I should stop doing Radio Clash..

    I mean offending my audience? That a *great* move, Tim…=:-0

    I dunno 🙁 I think I might leave it for awhile too.

  3. June 13

    I worked out what happened – a link to the Lil Markie MP3 went into the feed as an enclosure rather than being played in the feed where you’d hear that it wasn’t appropriate – sadly looks like PodCastAlley has picked up the Markie track as being the podcast 🙁 AAARGHHHH WordPress i HATE you. it does this automatically…:-(

  4. June 13

    Hmm… @chris — hahahahahaha. I laugh in your general direction. go look in the ipodder directory for child safe.

    – Tim, don’t look too far into this. It don’t mean a thing, and it certainly doesn’t mean your podcast needs to stop. Quite the contrary… shake the parents and the kids out of their pleasant little candyland where everyone plays nice. And don’t do the self-censorship thing cause then.. the TERRORISTS have WON.

  5. Dave
    June 14

    Great show, truly horrific but morbidly enjoyable. Do it again, just not too often.

  6. June 14

    Wow… that was… great… that Lil markie was fucking hilarious! Talk about a song that sticks in your head…

    “Mommy why did you kill me…”


    I shall be forever scared!

  7. June 14

    Sorry that should read forever scarred, but I guess scared works as well.

    (PS – I’m checking the wordpress forums to turn off automatic enclosures, because I also have the same problem and it drives me nuts too. If I find anything I shall spread the love.)

  8. June 15

    THOSE PROMOS!!!!!!

    I’m sorry Tim but I’m going to have to make you my own shout from the Westcountry.

  9. June 15

    yeah go for it…:-D

  10. MJ
    June 15

    Finally got round to listening to this one and it’s truly amazing. I’m a long time listener (if you count 6 months as long) and have loved all your shows. But this one made my jaw hit the ground for the entire hour … This sort of show is exactly why I now only listen to podcasts, no CDs, radio … just podcasts. I had to listen to the show 3 times just to check I wasn’t dreaming (or having a nightmare for that matter). Keep up the great work, you’re making my life a better place.

  11. June 15

    Ah, fond memories of the 365Project – a song a day, like a daily Christmas present…

    “Black Betty” is an old American folk song, btw. The legendary Leadbelly did it ages ago – think Mr Cave based his version on that one.

  12. Legion
    March 9

    Purely ear-splitting and I love it (going thru the archives 1 by 1 lol) 😛

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