Radio Clash 62: Aural pOddities 2 Strange for Radio

Revenge and return of the Aural pOddities show (31 shows since show 31!) where I talk about outsider music, from song poems to gay patriots, homosexual ghosts and really bad pop music!

Longest RC show yet; but it didn’t seem right to split it – stick with it, there’s a great chilled middle section long-mix…

Strange transient noise bursts (86mins, 51Mb)


  • The Fall – I’m Going to Spain (from The Infotainment Scam)
  • Katie Lee – Will to Fail (from Incredibly Strange Records vol 1)

Strange woolwear fixation

Strange songpoems

Strangely Patriotic

Strangely soothing mix

Strangely shoobydoobydoo

Strange scale usage

Strangely sexual spirits

Relatio Clash

Tim B Written by:


  1. Lee (nlotic)
    February 2


  2. February 2

    hopefully before she died, otherwise we’re back to Jimmy Cross again….:-D

  3. Lee (nlotic)
    February 2

    I just realized. My orchestra did The Unanswered Question a few years ago.

  4. February 3


    how long did that take? You won’t shame me into stopping umming and erring you know, many have tried…

    Now who do I know in Stockholm…?…EDIT after a little detective work: aha I know who you are…:-D

  5. Cactus
    February 3

    I wasn’t really trying to be secret, just wanted to … well, provoke you a bit. 😀 I’m evil like that! Sometimes when I listen to RC at work we just break out screaming “EMMM UHHH UMMM UHHHH” and I wanted to know exactly how much of it there is in one RC, and apparantly it’s four minutes!

  6. February 3

    You listen at work?!? Wow…

    😀 I found it funny; but slightly embarassing all those umms – now I know how many! I’m not editing them all out though…far too much work! And then I’d sound like radio….;-)

  7. February 3

    I also listen Radio Clash at work ( with earphones, of course) 😉

  8. evilded
    February 3

    Can you sort out 37 onwards? they cant be downloaded! i only recently started listening to them and i got to 36 and cant get any after that up to 50 something! plz help.

    That said, keep up the good work, these keep getting better and better

  9. evilded
    February 3

    its actually 37 to 41-42

  10. February 4

    37-41 should now work fine

    42 I have to find to see if I have it!

  11. February 5

    42 should be up now too – was mainly a naming issue MP3 over mp3

    And Cactus I’ll probably play a bit of that mix on the next show LOL

  12. evilded
    February 5

    nope, still cant get 41 and 42, is there any other download mirriors i can get them from?

  13. February 5

    hmm I’ll try and fix those.

    As for the download mirrors :

    Bicyclemark says: ” does the one in the bathroom count?”

    Which goes for me too 😀 LOL

  14. February 6

    41 and 42 should be working now – my fault, was poiting to the wrong server!

    Thanks for lettign me know.

  15. Paul
    February 12

    God, I remember listening to the Focus albums as a teen, so that track took me back, I still samples of it sometimes on TV – must track down some of the Focus albums, I think they were dutch.

    Do you have Napolean 14th’s They are coming to take me away ha-haaa ? They would be in keeping, great words

    I have found myself singing Canada walking to the bus stop, strangely stuch in my head now dammit

    Had to laugh at the thought of Henry Cooper, well known boxer but crap comedian, dying on stage as his joke bombs.

  16. February 12

    I have the album of all the versions – including the follow up, the Josephine versions and even a Jewish version (Oy Veh!)…it’s err, interesting. If slightly deranged!

  17. March 17

    I was searching for songpoems when I found your site and would like to invite you all to mine…It is brand new and songpoem oriented…It also contains a link to my comedy blog…

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