Radio Clash 126: Holiday (Just Step Sideways)

Episode 297: In which our decrepid hero finds himself in Bearlin and has to escape the nasty art stasi armed only with a wiener schnitzel…

I’m the king of the kassel!*(72Mb, 1:34)

  • Branflakes – Oddio Overplay (from free album ‘Bubbles’ )
  • Aggro1 – Stevie Wonder v. Wired All Wrong
  • The Fall – Just Step S’Ways (from Psykick Dance Hall)
  • Freaky Fukin Weirdoz ft Nina Hagen – Hit me with your Rhythm Stick
  • Kassel Soundclash (with John)
  • Kollektiv Turmstrasse Live (excerpt)
  • Arrival in Berlin – Journalism in Art
  • Jared Louche And The Aliens – Search and Destroy
  • TeleRundFunkyWall
  • Klaus Nomi – You Don’t Own Me
  • Nina Hagen – African Reggae
  • Bye Bye Berlin
  • Bonzo Dog Band – Postcard
  • The Fall – The War Against Intelligence (23-03-91 from Compelte Peel Sessions)
  • Von Sudenfed – Young, The Faceless and the Codes (from Tromatic Reflexxions)
  • Meat Beat Manifesto – Let Go (from Actual Sounds + Voices)
  • DJ Gaston – Svatba to me (from the excellent Fooklegs compilation)
  • Matmos – Yield to Total Elation (from The Civil War)
  • Veruca Salt – Somebody (from Music for the Masses)
  • Matmos – Semen Song for James Bidgood (from The Rose Has Teeth in The Mouth of a Beast)
  • Low – Little Argument With Myself (from Trust)

* that joke only works in print btw

Wet Bearlin


  1. Tyler
    August 23

    I loved this show. I found out last weekend that Matmos are moving from San Francisco to Baltimore. I’ve hung yout with MC Schmidt before so maybe we’ll be able to hang out more often.

  2. August 23

    Glad you liked the show – so is Matmos going B.more or something? Can we expect booty-shaking Matmos beats by the year end? 😉

  3. Chris Knight
    August 25

    Great show, as always. Matmos. Mashups. Yum.

    Nina Hagen – always loved her work, heard her on KROQ (THE New Wave radio station in LA during the ’80’s) as a teen, haven’t gotten around to buying some music by her…But I need to add her to my “to buy” list.

    Also thanks for the French rap mashup, always on the lookout for more great French rappers (TTC is still my fav, but this DJ Gaston sounds promising and similar.)

    I was listening to the Meat Beat Manifesto track on my bike ride to the market and I knew I had it in my collection but I couldn’t place it. I thought it was a track from Hellbent (sorry, H3llb3nt, poseurs.)

    Lastly, I very much appreciate and enjoy the chat between songs, feel free to increase the chat/music ratio. (I actually didn’t enjoy the Parkade episode of the Podcast ’cause it didn’t have as much chat.)

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