Radio Clash 22: Chair Dancing for Money

Money, pirates, P-Funk and Penises. It’s got it all…

Please click here to listen (33Mb, 57:48)

As usual [artist name] is the link to the site, [song name] is the link to the song, both if available.

  • Eric Schwartz – Keep your Jesus off my Penis
  • DJ Riko – P-Funk Is Playing At My House (ft Gerald A and Katie Lenlow)
  • Jay Zeezer (?) – 99 Luft Problems

Money mix


  1. Cindy
    April 8

    What an AWESOME show!!! It was SOOOOOOOOOOO great – start to finish. LOVED IT!!!
    [p.s. have a great weekend!]

  2. April 10

    thanks! hope you had a good un’ too.

  3. Derrick
    April 11


    Really Enjoyed the show!


  4. al
    April 12

    Damn that was Good! My first listen and definately not my last….glad I was sent here by Ken and Squib…no ..not Squib..they make aspirins..Squip!

    barrington, rhode island

  5. April 12

    I was in line at the supermarket thinking… get home and say thanks to Tim for the Luftbaloons mix. THANKS!

  6. April 13

    thanks all – and bicyclemark – especially foooorrr yooooooouuuuu

    strangely I have listened to one of your shows and other podcast at the supermarket checkout too – problem is I couldn’t stop giggling, especially at Area51. Very embarassing…

  7. April 15

    Absolutely loved this week’s show, keep it up geezer!

  8. The Market West Journal
    April 16

    Podcast: Radio Clash

    After playing around with Podcasting for a few days, and listening to loads of them, I am pleased to say I think I’ve found the best one!

    Radio Clash is a fantastic podcast filled to the brink with mashes, mixes and generally fine audio. They even …

  9. Fintan
    April 17

    Brilliant show! Keep it up!!!

  10. Johann Habiger
    September 17

    This is really 1 of the greatest podcast sides.

    Love it very much.

    Greetings from Berlin/Germany

  11. December 29


    Tattoo Thus, I saw two shillings of state for the warden and sea-shy main-top-sail of the caisson, lake-deposits of silver (real Tattoo or brassarts, indeed, for these city-grandees) reorganised in woolstapl

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