Motown Meltdown once, twice, twice, twice…

I have to say I don’t cover the artier/experimental side of mashups and cutup culture as much as I’d like to, but here’s definitely one release to make up for that – the second volume of Motown Meltdown. I loved the first volume ever since I heard it via Vicki People Like Us’s Do or DIY show and played a Blanketship track from it a couple of years ago.

This new volume carries on the humour and ambience of the first, the idea being that you can only use tracks from the Motown Masters Karaoke discs (yes you might have wondered where those many Motown mashups come from, well they released Karaoke discs made of the actual master tracks, that’s how!) and nothing else. The resulting Vol 2. goes from insane brokenbreaks glitch of Vytear to achingly sad tracks from Blanketship, to more hypnagogic drones from Beaks Plinth and manic cutups and loops of T H E M A Y S and Lord Tang. Definitely not Motown as you’ve heard it before!

My choices? Well ‘I Still Hate You…_ Lavender Dreams’ by Blanketship is definitely recommended as well as these two:

Since I Decided to Go by Rokhausen – a manic jive through the Motortown’s back catalogue, humorous and funky and mad. My kind of track – fuck art let’s dance ;-)

Qulfus – Three Times Twice – I have several factors for why I choose the music for the blog and podcast, one of them is definitely if it makes me laugh. This is probably some kind of profane sacrilege dissing The Lionel but I love the slowed down re-edit/retake of the Commodore’s ever-green (and admittedly slightly mouldy) classic. Brilliant :-D

If you like download the whole album here.

Do or DIY are Awful Fun and Ultimate Ultimate Ultimate breakbeats


Despite the weird and cruel nature of the universe atm (look at my twitter or Livejournal if you need to know) I’ve been taking comfort listening to People Like Us’s Do or DIY end of show compilation ‘Awful Fun’ available over at WFMU. Some crazy collages and manic avant-retard action, my fave bit so far is Spike Jones going into Mistabishi via what I think is a V/V/M sick-music style version of Funkytown (?), and then a brief cutup about Goodman and Buchanan getting arrested (presumably over copyright LOL).

ultimateAnother freebie I’m wading through atm is Ultimate! Ultimate! Ultimate! by DJ Superix which is a mix made of the 160 songs of the legendary Ultimate Breaks and Beats series…nothing to shout about numbers wise compared to say Akira the Don, and slow starting, but when it gets properly going half way through CD1 with the funky tunes you don’t know you know, it certainly has the retro ‘OMG that’s where it’s from’ and ‘OMG I remember that sampled by X’ recognition factor, as well as the classic ur-grooves that still work 20-30+ years later. Includes longer sections of great classics like JB’s Payback and Lowell Fulsom’s Tramp. One for sampling hiphopheads, definitely.

RC 170: Oddz and Sods 11 – All Good Things

Back with attack and a very big Mack(intosh), it’s a new Odds and Sodz show with an exclusive from Phil n’ Dog, an exclusive new mashup from me (now released over at AudioPornCentral), and loads of great tunes, in the LONGEST EVAH Radio Clash at over 2 hours…in honour of the mighty mighty WOBCast (well that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it)

What is a Cherry Chopstick anyways? (103Mb,  130Min)

  • Phil n’ Dog – Bleeding Rascal (EXCLUSIVE!)
  • Negativland – Richard Nixon Died Today (from Thigmotactic)
  • Senor Coconut and his Orchestra – Around The World (Rumba) (from Around the World)
  • People Like Us – Singin’ In The Shower (via WFMU)
  • Fosforo – Desconocido (via WFMU)
  • Vampire Weekend – Everywhere (Fleetwood Mac Cover)
  • David Byrne and Brian Eno – Strange Overtones (from Everything That Happens Will Happen Today)
  • Wally Whyton – Don’t You Push Me Down (from Fred Deakin’s Triptych)
  • Joe Meek – Keep Your Sunny Side Up
  • Negativland – It’s Not a Critique (from Thigmotactic)
  • Senor Coconut and his Orchestra – Moscow Discow (Mambo) (from Around the World)
  • Ame – Fiori
  • Jonathan and Darlene Edwards – Tiptoe Through The Tulips
  • Negativland – Kind Of Grumpy (from Thigmotactic)
  • Instamatic – I Kissed a Monster (EXCLUSIVE!) part of Guilty Pleasures – Volume One: We All Kissed A Girl at APC
  • Finitribe – De Testimony
  • Handbook for the Recently Dead – Hell is Other People
  • Chase and Status – Indian Dub aka Eastern Jam (from their Radio 1 Essential Mix)
  • Braintax – Decade (from Panorama)
  • Deman Rockers – Iron Lady (from Ragga Twins Step Out)
  • Kid Carpet – Nelson Street Space Invaders (from Ideas And Oh Dears)
  • George Michael – Cars And Trains (from Patience)
  • Negativland – Basketball Plant (from Thigmotactic)
  • Dusty Springfield – Am I The Same Girl
  • Soko – I’ll kill her
  • Finitribe – Hypnopaedia (from An Unexpected Groovy Treat)
  • Air - Alone In Kyoto (from Lost in Translation)
  • Finitribe – Mellowman (from An Unexpected Groovy Treat)
  • Fleetwood Mac – Save Me a Place (from Tusk)

RC 156: Odds n’ Sods 5 – Please Hold

CC Share Alike, Original photo by Leo Reynolds

Thanks for calling Radio Clash, I’m sorry no-one can be bothered to answer the phone at the moment, please hold, we will answer the phone as soon as someone becomes intractable. Please remember your calls will be recorded for training purposes…

Your Click is Important to Us (112mins, 86Mb)

  • People Like Us – Please Hold
  • 180 Gs – I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For (from WFMU/Our Favourite Things DVD)
  • DJ Lumpy – Primate Enemy Number One
  • Cribs – Wrong Way to Be (podsafe via PMN)
  • MGMT – Weekend Wars (from Oracular Spectacular)
  • Esau Mwamwaya – Tengazako
  • Golden Bug – Barbie’s Back
  • Duran Duran Duran – Face Blast (from Planet Mu 200 compilation)
  • Teenagers – Feeling Better (from Reality Check)
  • Benga – Light Bulb (from Diary of an Afro Warrior)
  • Dalek I Love You – Horrorscope
  • U-Ziq – Lexicon (from Planet Mu 200 compilation)
  • Axwell – I Found U (High Contrast’s After Dark remix – from 12″)
  • Utah Saints – Something Good (High Contrast promo mix on Data)
  • Aggro1 – Amerie vs The Gorillaz vs Spor
  • Spor – The Eyes Have It
  • Roger Miller – Chug-a-lug (from 7″)
  • Bizy B & Equinox – Merda Style 2004 (from Planet Mu 200 compilation)
  • Band Zonder Banaan – Caribbean Disco Show
  • Lightspeed Champion – Galaxy of the Lost
  • Malcolm Middleton – Week Off
  • Microsillon ft. Eugenie Allquezar – This is Not America
  • Father Jeremiah McNamara – Bicycle Built For Two (from WFMU)
  • Sebastian Tellier – Dixi (from Universe LP)
  • Delia Derbyshire – Air
  • John Maus – My Whole World is Coming Apart
  • Madness – Grey Day (from Seven)
  • Foo Fighters – Still (from In Your Honor)
  • Phil Retrospector – Elton’s Glasses

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