Loving the Porest album Modern Journal Of Popular Savagery atm, I heard it via Vicki People Like Us and her WFMU podcasts. It’s very subversive pop/electronica, deeply funny and funny deep.

I grimly LOL’d at this bit of Soapbox Cutter, it’s sadly very true, like the rictus smile of The Joker, these jokes sting, and seems a good alt-pop song for the End of the World, which seems to be coming soon than you think. The happiest misanthropic song ever!

If there’s a reason for the mess that we’re in
Then let the carnage and destruction begin…

I recommend you find these people you know
And take them down to the depths below
They got their Masters and shit PhD’s,
But they’re as stupid as a stupid as can be,

And you’re the reason for the mess that we’re in.

Love the argument with the sampled airport security guard, but with all the album something disturbing creeps in, the zeitgeist of Trump’s America? Demanding…something. ‘We are sedimentary rocks!” And the wry comments about sampling and politics belonging to the 1990’s and 1980’s…

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