RC 221: Stuff the Jubilee

Another 10 years and another Jubilee – this one the Diamond Jubilee, and then shortly after the Olympics for the full Union (I’m Alright) Jack overdrive, waved by the Dumb Flag Scum. More nationalism, more strangeness, more sucking up to Liz to try and get a gong by people who will claim that they are cool & rock n’ roll at other times. Off with their heads! Even weirdly Viv Westwood is at it, and Tinie Tempah. WTF? The world is going mad…

I didn’t talk too much about the rather obvious correlations in the show – that we have cuts, a ruined economy, a conservative government and a wide divide between Rich Queen and the poor – just like in 1977. So I decided to create the Anti-Street Party, the musical accompaniment to those who won’t go and drink tea from union jack tea cups, wear silly hats or put up the bunting. Same goes for London 2012 and it’s Taste Exclusion Zones and frankly SHIT logo.

Especially if you’re a sex worker or homeless (or made homeless by the Games) or just don’t fit, and we’ll be paying this off for decades to come. No, not the sponsors or corporates or the VIPs and Human Rights abusers attending the Games for free, we will pay for it all. Funny how the branding police enforce a clampdown to protect the games, but the sponsors won’t be paying for all it, and will make a pretty penny off the Games isn’t it?

Excuse my rudery but Stuff the Jubilee! (2:04, 127Mb)

  • Carter USM – Stuff the Jubilee (1977)
  • Sly and Reggie – Dub Save the Queen (Dancehall Queen Mix)
  • Low IQ 01 feat. Yukari Fresh – Anarchy In The UK
  • Version Big-Fi vs The Specials – Ghost Town (Big-Fi Mix)
  • Enemy Within (Chumbawamba) – God Save The Queen
  • Janice Whaley – The Queen Is Dead
  • Ukrainians – Koroleva Ne Pomerla (The Queen is Dead)
  • Manic Street Preachers – Repeat (UK)
  • Dj Moule – Money for the Queen
  • Mambo Kurt – God Save the Queen
  • Ikezawa Haruna – God Save The Queen
  • Deekline & Ed Solo – Ghost Town
  • Urthboy – London Calling
  • Laibach – Geburt Einer Nation
  • Mic Conway – God Save The Queen
  • The JAMs – The Queen and I
  • The Imagined Village – Hard Times Of Old England Retold / Worms Meet Moths (English Ceilidh Melody)
  • The Housemartins – Flag Day
  • Chumbawamba – Hard Times Of Old England
  • Billy Bragg & The Blokes – Take Down the Union Jack
  • Nouvelle Vague – God Save The Queen
  • MakroSoft – London Calling
  • The Stone Roses – Elizabeth My Dear
  • Chumbawamba – Her Majesty


SHIT photo from HowaboutNo

Welcome to the United Police State of RoyalWeddingStan

Seriously this is why I didn’t watch it nor go near town during that event. Protest of any sort was banned, and many people were arrested and squats raided well before the event including the exceedingly peaceful Charlie Veitch of the Love Police who I’ve featured here…while the media went into overdrive to brainwash people into thinking this was a good thing with intense coverage for weeks and on the day taking pictures of the zombie hordes outside Buck House as someone described them. The state was scared. Interestingly hardly any bunting and no street parties where I live, and none in Essex according to John. Maybe more people really don’t give a fuck than they thought?

I didn’t recognise the land I was born into yesterday – this unquestioning kowtowing and abuse of rights is more akin to places far away. The fact people who didn’t have climbing gear nor were protesting just going to a ‘Not the Royal Wedding’ party (surprise surprise in the modern Met Newspeke of disinformation it was reported as such) nor were protesting were arrested then released far away, the comments from the Met than NO protest was allowed and ‘pre-emptive’ strikes on people who are about as violent as Kate is.

There’s a Stepford Wives 1984 feeling about yesterday that really bothered me – and will probably pop up again during the Olympics – one of thoughtcrime, assuming that the police are correct (well apart from Ian Tomlinson – was it luck or intentional that decision didn’t come out before yesterday?) and these are all ‘troublemakers’, and an automatic presumption of guilt and trumped up charges that get magically dropped because they are invented just to get the people out of the area.

This is not England or the UK I know, this forced jollity and brainwashing and quashing of protest is not what this place should be about – even when police attacked unofficial pro-royalist parties (WTF?). Hence rebranding it the United Police State of RoyalWeddingStan.

I did like the quiet though…although how many of that was people too scared to go out cos of the crowds/zombie horde/police?

Ignorance and meh was my protest. What was yours? (video via BristleKRS)

Here’s Charlie Veitch being arrested – and more about the arrests in the Guardian here.

Dear Students…the Cuts the Cuts (missing an n there)

At the risk of this being the repost-everything-in-b3ta-blog, this video by Sir Ian Bowler pretty much says all I feel re: the massive 1918 (!!!) style cuts and taking off the cap in tuition fees this government is doing. Yes the Lib Dems sold y’all down the river for not very much at all…and the Conservatives are starting a new recession, you know just like 1929, mid 1970s, 1984, 1991…because of a broken record re: cuts which actually DOESN’T WORK, while blaming the Labour Party and Gordon Brown, who though not innocent really lets those friends of the Conservatives, the bankers off the hook.

Short memories and much Murdochery you hath but it was they were really (ir)responsible, and are now having to be bailed out (to avoid said recession, sadly) have massive bonuses again and Yuppie style parties at your expense – who’ll thankfully shortly get mugged by the people who have no jobs and not being monitored by the reduced police and can’t be jailed cos the jails are full. Prepare for the real sort of anarchy, not the yellow press scare of socialist revolution which is small and mostly mythical, but the real one as ‘Big Society’ crumbles due to the cuts in a late 70’s stylee – and I bet you will catch yourself feeling nostalgic for Tony and Gordon, as horrid as that sounds, before you know it.

Yes, this country is indeed fucked. The revenge of Thatcher’s children and the return of the Cult of I’m Alright Jack and Me Me Me.

Last one out turn off the lights…

I Cut People

Yes! A cutup/mashup related post! At last!

I’m really digging I Cut People atm – learnt of them via Skip to the End podcast (which learned of them via Mr Fab’s wonderful Music for Maniacs blog) and it’s a cross between Wayne Butane and Cassetteboy in my mind, with probably a little Negativland thrown in for good measure – all of which I love and have played on the podcast. So expect Parker Tapes style cutup merriment, mediabusting style attacks on culture, Hollywood and BUYBUYBUY attitude (as per the video above which is by I Cut People, the audio is by GITAR (i cut people and ellipse elkshow)) and various other audio anarchy.

Looks like I Cut People does a cutup album every year since 2005 – wow – all of which you can download for free or buy – and my favourites are mostly from the more recent albums such as March of the Monster Squads (purporting to be a film trailer for evil zombie Penguins meets Star Wars and phoney plastic Christian Slater LOL), Kung Fu What Would Jesus Do?, A Few Good Product Placements (YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE BACON!) and Merry Chris…Crisis which certainly is up there for Xmas-cutup merriment.

This video for GITAR’s ‘dead u r’ is not really worksafe nor for the squeamish but is very funny and good.

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