RC 236: Pope Idol

Frankie Goes To The Vatican, Habemus Papam (San) Francisco. Results of the Pope Idol contest is in and Pope Ivor The First or Pope Bunsen Honeydew I has the highest phone votes out of all ex-chemist Jesuits with a Dirty War under their belt. Welcome to the blog Papa Pancho*, I’m sure we’ll get acquainted over the years as the homophobia and mysogyny flows, so enjoy the honey(dew)moon of being a blank slate like the white robes you wear.

So I dedicate some music to the new Popey, play some It’s A Trap, some Kraftkovers, some Sea Punk, some chilled music and some very silly Stan Freberg.

As I say in the show you’d have heard this show nearly a week ago (some of the tracks a week before on the exclusive RCL Mix #1) on Radio Clash Live (9:30pm Wed, 4am Sat GMT/UTC) as well as the History of Mashups Show 8 which if you listen closely during the day tomorrow around 12:43pm GMT you might just hear a repeat of…

*that’s actually what they’re calling him in South America, Pancho being slang for Francis. That’s actually quite cute…

Relax Don’t Do It When You’re Gonna Franciscum (1:30 – 94Mb)

  • Wayne County – Fucked By The Devil
  • Joan Jett – Doing Alright With The Boys
  • Fase De Cinco – Should I Stay Or Should I Go
  • KW Griff – Respect (Original)
  • KW Griff – Bring in the Katz (feat. Pork Chop)
  • The World Class Art Thieves – Music Sounds Better As Trap
  • Gent & Jawns – TURNUP
  • Holy Konni – run away from the mad raging moonbear
  • Stan Freberg – Whipcream
  • Boy Kid Cloud – Show me love (Robin S Cover)
  • Saito Tetsuya – Computer Love
  • Hot Cords of Piano – Computer World
  • Square Harmony – Depth – Self Like Ocean
  • eplp – The Good Times…
  • Equator Club – Gold//Love
  • Petula Clark – Cut Copy Me (Compuphonic mix)
  • Swamp Dogg – Synthetic World
  • Kevin Ayers – Song For Insane Times
  • Swamp Dogg – God Bless America For What
  • Stan Freberg – The World Is Waiting For The Sunshine

Relatio Clash

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