The grandaddy of VJing – Len Lye

Years ago I bemoaned the lack of the amazing animator and grandaddy of all VJIng and music video animation on DVD, getting a response from Roger Horrocks that the Len Lye Foundation and the New Zealand Film Archive were working on it…well several years later it slips out unbeknown to me on Re:Voir, and you can buy a DVD there. It was only a post from Strictly Kev on Facebook (both of us have used Colour Box in our VJ/video projects – Kev’s right it’s like a break for VJs/video artists!) about Len made me go check what had happened to that DVD…so I’ve already ordered mine.

Those new or not so new to VJing and video animation marvel at the likes of Colour Box and Swinging the Lambeth Walk – then make sure you check the date.

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