Kleptonite report & a new video for Superstition (Monolith Remix)

(Picture is me VJing a Koyaanisqatsi vs Cosmic Voyage cloud sequence by Simon Payroll…nicked it off his FB but I’m sure he won’t mind 😉

Last night the Kleptonite VJ gig rocked and I’m definitely doing that again, lots of wowed people coming up to me after and I think 3-4 years of work kind of clicked together in that moment…Not to say DJing has gotten boring but I’ve not felt excitement about this sort of thing since the Bastard days…also I think we’re a bit in a bubble – many people hadn’t really seen my sort of video mashup, nor got mashup as a concept at all. Which in London in 2012 is pretty amazing…got comments after from people who quite rightly loved Soundhog/Freelance Hairdresser video and my video for Edit, which was great since Ian Fondue was there.


Here’s my video I did for the night for Monolith’s excellent remix of Stevie Wonder’s Superstition – here rocking out with the kids on Sesame Street which was one of the subthemes of my set:

I worked topical stuff like Dad’s Army/Clive Dunn, Savile and even the US elections into the VJ set with the Vote For Black Thunder over No Church in The Wild, as well as Stonewall movie clips (which along with Celluloid Closet which also made an appearance is very important to me). Yes I did some topical/heavy stuff at the start, even some Kenneth Anger and Len Lye got rinsed, or whatever the VJ term is for that. I even got applause at the end of several videos, which made me giggle and was mad…one girl even filmed my video screen for about 20 minutes solid!

Thanks to Eric Kleptone, Pete ‘Butch Auntie’ all at Britannia especially Simon who helped with a tricky miniport adapter problem and without their help there would have not been a show…


Pete and Eric Kleptone at Kleptonite

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