Radio Clash 38: Difficult 38th

It’s like totally random; remembering Myron and Jean Charles, a difficult birth and the Big MASSIVE Podcast Promo Jumble Sale, everyfin’ fer a pahnd!

Please listen here: (52:08 / 30Mb)


Myron Floren tribute:

  • Those Darn Accordians – We’re an Accordian Band (from musicformaniacs blog) add their site
  • DJNoNo – Just Lose the Accordian (Myron Floren vs Eminem)
  • Earthsplitters – AIYH
  • Haywains – Money-go-round
  • Listener response – Steve from York
  • Steven Ward – My Generation

Big Podcast Roundup Bargain Jumble Sale:

tips for tourists in London

  1. Don’t ever wear a bulky padded coat, or ‘innapropriate clothes’. It could be fatal.
  2. Backpacks are highly suspect. Especially black ones with wires sticking out, making ticking noises, or smoking. It’s such a fashion no-no
  3. Don’t be asian, arab, muslim, bearded, or johnny foreigner. You WILL be treated with suspicion.
  4. If you get shot it’s your own fault for being ‘forrin’
  5. Have a nice stay!

Seriously it’s totally nuts that someone could get shot for wearing a padded coat, having a belt with wires (he was an electrician! fancy that?) and not stopping for plain clothed police with guns.

I mean if someone with a gun asked you to stop, would you? Who knows if they even identified themselves and this guy had a good reason to run (I guess Brazilian authorities aren’t known for their kindliness to some people?).

Anyway shame about the Brazilian guy (that well known islamic hotbed for fanaticism!) and respects to his family. I do hope they sue the arse off S019 and the Met police. Yes everyone’s jumpy, the terrorists are still on the loose apparently, but trigger-itchy police in a mostly gun-free country really doesn’t help.

What’s next, I get blown away for fare evasion?

Interesting article on iTunes & podcasting

…no honest! Come back!

Continuing the interesting trend of mashup, now podcasting articles that seem to get it spookily right Washington Post has an interesting one about iTunes and the commercialisation of podcasting.

I learnt of this article via Scott Fletcher over at Podcheck who has the great and very true pay-off line that although we can’t do ESPN (and I think we’d be silly to try), we can do a part of what ESPN does better than they can…yes the majors don’t get podcasting and it’s niche appeal – while the people who are trying to become big media shows like the BBC or ABC are kind of cute, they’ll get crushed or subsumed. It’s the nichecasting that will survive. Eventually the big guns will get bored, or the audience will get tired of the same-old in an only slightly new format…I mean Queer Eye on your iPod? Puuhhlease.

And in all of this where is our great lord and master? I’ve avoided mentioning the Great Haired One because, frankly, he gets too much press as it is. What Scott’s recent Podcheck made me wonder is did he know that iTunes was going to concentrate on the big 5 media casts – including eventually it seems to the detriment of Podshow whose shows largely seem to have dropped off the Podcasting page on iTunes? Was that an unfortunate side-effect? Was Adam our Karl Rove?

And why is there a picture of a penis on the Karl Rove page at Wikipedia?

I think both of these are something I’d really like to know…penis first!

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