RC 292: Halloween Queen

Halloween puts the willies up me, with things going bump in the dark and all that woo. Here’s a dark yet upbeat selection for the Twerking Witching Hour: from monstrous mashups to spooky soundracks, evil electronica to ghoulish grime, Amy Ghost House, The Punkergeist and the zeitgeist horror of now*.

Oh and the theme from Rainbow and Jonathan Richman -the horror! The horror!

(*I do wonder why people watch scary movies at the moment when just a webcam on Donald Trump would make Paranormal Activity seem like The Disney Channel?).

Spooks and trolls and evil monsters, and that’s just the news. (2:16, 199Mb)

P.S. The screenshot is from my latest video as mentioned in the show for Rhythm Scholar’s Depeche Mode remix which you can see here.

  • Loo & Placido – Funky Dragula (Instamatic’s I Hate EDM edit)
  • Lobsterdust – Tainted Jesus (Soft Cell vs. Depeche Mode)
  • Spoon Wizard – Jesus On E’s (2014 remake)
  • Soft Cell – Martin (Dave Ball Halloween Mix)
  • ยต-Ziq – Spiral Domino
  • Amy Winehouse – Back to Black KRAX Hardstyle
  • Anna Meredith – Nautlius
  • Matt Berry – Rainbow
  • The Magnetic Fields – ’83: Foxx and I
  • Jonathan Richman & the Modern Lovers – The Neighbors
  • Lynzy Lab – A Scary Time
  • David Bowie – Five Years (Old Grey Whistle Test)
  • Lung – Time Just Gets Away From Us (Featuring Rachel K. Collier)
  • Ghetts – Halloween
  • I Monster – The Blue Wrath
  • Big Black – Kerosene
  • IDLES – Great
  • Depeche Mode – Never let Me Down (Rhythm Scholar Perpetual Euphoria Video Mix)
  • ANOHNI – Paradise
  • Goblin – La Caccia
  • Debussy – Reverie 68 [Second Storey & Appleblim Rework]
  • Donna Summer – To Turn The Stone
  • Frida – Twist in the Dark
  • Ghost – Avalanche
  • AtoZ – A Stranger Day (Beatles vs Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein of Survive) from the Fright Album
  • Alan Hawkshaw – Astral Plain
  • Joanna Brouk – Majesty Suites – Entrance of the Queen of Winter Dawn
  • Dave Vorhaus – Sea of Tranquility (B)
  • Tristram Cary – Sting III & Requiem for Katarina
  • Penguin Cafe – Aurora
  • Kojey Radical – Dystopia: In Gods Body
  • Walter Huston with Orchestras conducted by Victor Young and Maurice Abravanel – September Song

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